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Aug 23, 2011 09:13 AM

Road trip to Canada - need lunch break recos!

Hello all! The new hubby & I will be taking a jaunt up to Quebec City from Boston this weekend (via NH & Vermont) for a little newlywed trip. Then after a few days heading from QC to Bar Harbor, ME. We LOVE good food & would prefer not to hit up McD's so are looking for some recommendations for places to stop for lunch or snacks - budget-friendly would be nice. (And, of course, if you have any "must-trys" in QC or Bar Harbor, feel free to throw those in too!)

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  1. I live in Stanstead Quebec on the Vermont/Quebec border which looks just about right for a lunch break. On the American side of the border in Newport Vermont is the Eastside restaurant where the food is more than acceptable and if you get a nice day eating out on the deck over Lake Memphremagog should provide for a delightful and memorable experience. Here on the Stanstead side if you are looking for a less formal meal we have a fine French (as in France) bakery Le Feulantine where they serve a great cup of coffee and pastries that might be worth the trip from Boston.
    We are in the middle of berries and apple season and there are many excellent places to eat or snack in this area including good thai and Indian so if you could be a little more specific. The city of Magog is a major summer resort for New Yorkers and the restaurants and downtown food outlets are I believe as good as anything you are likely to find in Montreal or Quebec and there are no shortages of good restaurants in either Montreal or Quebec city there is a recent thread on the Quebec board of a foodie trip to Quebec city.
    Manoir Hovey in North Hatley may be the best restaurant in Quebec but might not be your best lunch bet. The town of Ayer's Cliff is having its annual fair this weekend and is right off the highway and the food is excellent.
    If you could be a little more specific I might be able to help even if you are just looking for great poutine or the best place for ice cream. I live here so my opinion might be somewhat biased even though I have lived in many places but I think this area of Quebec and New England has some of the best food in the world.

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      Thank you for your suggestions thus far! I imagine we'll be ready to stop somewhere for lunch and stretch our legs. Then maybe grab something to snack on for the rest of the ride to QC. We plan on having dinner there Friday night. Does that help?

    2. Print out a list of farmers markets, NH's ice cream trail map and similar lists. I haven't been to the Brattleboro VT farmers market but hear it is great and the website lists some ethnic food stands. Brattleboro isn't on your route but there may be some other markets like that. If not ethnic food, many markets have someone selling bread, pastries, cookies, etc. Bring picnic supplies with you in case you need to cut cheese, apples, etc. Blueberries are still in season and an easy dessert is fresh berries and vanilla yogurt.

      Assuming you are driving via I93 to I89, Concord NH could be a lunch stop. Check out Sandwich Depot on Hall St, In A Pinch Cafe, Bread and Chocolate on S Main Street, and Sunny Oriental on Loudon Rd (dim sum available all the time). All not too far off I93 and it's easy to get back on I89 without driving south on I93 to the I89 junction. (Pleasant St that intersects Main St in downtown goes up to the hospital. At the hospital, take new road (it will be a left) out to Clinton St, turn right and you can get back on I89.

      But if it's too soon, you could stop at the Food Coop in Lebanon. It's the same exit as Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital and David's House. At the intersection for the hospital, go right instead of left. The Food coop is in a small shopping plaza set back from the road. In addiiton to some great food products, they make sandwiches etc.

      Best wishes on your newlywed trip!

      But if you want to continue on Pleasant St which is Rt 103, you will go right by the road to Gould Hill Orchard which grows a large variety of antique apples and has a lovely view. Get some apples for snacks! Continue on Rt 103 and you can get on I89 in either Hopkinton, Contoocook or Warner.

      Main Street Cafe
      888 Main St, Westbrook, ME 04092

      Sandwich Depot
      49 Hall St, Concord, NH 03301

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        But, if they're traveling from QC to Bar Harbor, they'll go nowhere near Vermont. More likely traveling through Jackman, Maine, etc., no??

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            Actually I believe our route will be I93 to I91 from Boston to the border. Then mostly Autoroute 73 to US 201 from QC to Maine. If that helps!

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              Well, in that case, if you get hungry by the time you get to exit 17 I93 (Boscawen) you can visit the Smoke Shack. I haven't been this summer but they got their start doing barbecue for NASCAR races in Loudon. Very good sides like macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, etc.
              Exit 19 for the Dipsy Doodle which serves pretty good lobster rolls and fried clams. You can ask to sub onion rings or sweet potato fries for the usual fries that go with the lobster rolls. Not freshly picked lobster but darn good. Your choice of mayo or hot buttered. (Northfield, NH)

          2. Heading south out of QC, in St. Georges-de-Beuce, turn right at the intersection (traffic light) with Burger King and continue about two blocks and look left. You'll see an orange/purple/yellow building with a windmill, that's Pere Nature, an amazing food market/cafe/prepared foods/fine dining restaurant. Best stop between QC and I95. Eat there, and stock up on picnic fixings for the journey to Bar Harbor.

            1. The Thai Cafe in Littleton, followed by a stop at Bishop's Ice Cream.....yum!

              1. Hello again!

                Just wanted to let you know that we ended up stopping in Magog for lunch! I will post a full trip review for QC & Maine. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions!