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Aug 23, 2011 08:19 AM

No More French Toast on Chopped

OK, I know the desert round is the toughest one. But I think there needs to be some sort of moratorium on "Pain Perdue" or "French Toast" in round three. Do the contestants not watch the show and not realized how predictable and boring that choice is? Or do they watch the show too much and now the dish and the round are inextricably bound together in their heads, so that in that moment of pressure it is all they can think of?

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  1. Hey dvsndvs,

    Can I ante up with the ubiquitous dessert round Napoleon?

    1. Isn't bread pudding more common?

      1. have you ever tried to make a dessert with some of the screwy combinations of ingredients they give them to use? And within a 30 minute time limit? That 30 minute limit definitely excludes many desserts they might otherwise come up with.

        1. Pushed to the limit, that's all some of them can crank out.

          1. I'd like to see an entire episode with no arugula in the pantry. No ubiquitous arugula salads in the first round would be nice.