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Aug 23, 2011 07:19 AM

Lots of sage! Looking for ideas.

When put herbs on the garden this year, I needed one more pot at the nursery to get the 5-for-$x dollar deal. I grabbed sage.

I have little experience with sage. I like the smell. I enjoying the flavor in stuffing. I am looking for ideas to use up the fresh sage from the herb garden.

I remember having some sort of sage in browned butter appetizer at a restaurant that I enjoyed years back.

Sage ideas please!

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  1. Serve gnocchi with zucchini fried in butter with sage and a little onion. Sprinkle with parmesan. Works with pasta too. Using a cocktail stick attach parma ham and a sage leaf to chicken turkey, pork or veal escalopes.Bake sage into cheese and onion scones.

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    1. re: mrs.fraggle

      So just pasta tossed with fried onion and sage? I can handle that. Should I cook the sage with the onion, just wilt it a bit or throw it in after I take the onions of the heat?

      1. re: cleobeach

        -I throw it with the onions a minute before they are done

    2. I really can't help from experience, but I have always loved the German/Czech sausage here in Texas and one of my favorite varieties is seasoned with sage, so if it were me...

      I'd try a pork roast, covered and slowly braised in dark beer, with onions and lots and lots of sage.

      Maybe a chile pepper or two....

      ...if it were me.

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        Another good one - I have pork in the freezer.

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          Make your own 'Breakfast Sausage' from ground pork, sage and a few other spices.
          Make a batch and test the seasoning; after it is strong enough for you make more and freeze it.

        2. Our sage is growing rampantly this year! I like to make sage jelly. Sage and mint pesto is also very nice. Have you tried a sage simple syrup? Lastly, how about tempura-battered and fried sage leaves? I LOVE those.

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            That's my absolute favourite...fried sage leaves! They are such a great little treat with drinks when you have company.
            I make a simple batter of egg, carbonated water and flour and then let the batter sit for a while. I dip the leaves in that and then fry to a crisp golden brown, salting once they come out of the oil.

            1. re: icey

              They are sooooo good, aren't they? And it can use up a lot of sage leaves. Mmmmmmm....

            1. Veal chops.

              It also goes really well with butternut squash - soup or roasted. Atlernatively, it freezes pretty well. I always have sage in my freezer as I buy a bunch for a few leaves (I find it very overpowering) and rather than throw the rest away, just put them in a freezer bag.

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                Ditto on this. Sage is also good with roasted sweet potato wedges tossed with a little olive oil or melted butter.