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Poblano Peppers - quick question

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I have a few that I need to use up. I wanted to use them in a stir fry but all the recipes I've seen, using pps, call for roasting. Is there any reason why I can't stir fry these peppers the way I would stir fry green or red bell peppers?


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  1. there is no real reason that you can't just stir fry them. However I find that poblano pepper skins are tougher than regular sweet pepper skins. Not a huge deal . . . .

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      No reason at all, it's often done. The only pepper I've found with a skin thick enough to be a real problem is the piquillo, and that's seldom seen fresh in this country- it's not a very productive variety.

    2. You can stir-fy them. But the skins are thick and will not soften as much or as quickly as, say, a bell pepper. Will be toothsome.

      1. While I often do roast them, last week I used one in a ratatouille and it was tender and delicious. I'd say go for it.

        1. I slice them thin for salads and eat them raw.

          It will be fine.

          1. I use them as a sub for bell peppers all the time. I love them. They are especially good in fajitas.

            1. I also use them all of the time, and in recipes that call for bell pepper. I used them a lot this past spring especially since the price of bell peppers was sky high but in my parts in Texas poblanos remained cheap. To me, they taste more delicious than bell pepper. They do have a longer cooking time than bell pepper, so factor that into your vegetable sequencing.

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                Any idea what the prospects are for the southwest pepper crops are this year? The papers are full of pictures of shriveled corn and parched fields.

              2. Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I'm going to proceed as if the poblanos were bell peppers. Chinese meets SW/Mexican for a poblano and ground pork stir fry.