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Aug 23, 2011 06:08 AM

Poblano Peppers - quick question

I have a few that I need to use up. I wanted to use them in a stir fry but all the recipes I've seen, using pps, call for roasting. Is there any reason why I can't stir fry these peppers the way I would stir fry green or red bell peppers?


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  1. there is no real reason that you can't just stir fry them. However I find that poblano pepper skins are tougher than regular sweet pepper skins. Not a huge deal . . . .

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      No reason at all, it's often done. The only pepper I've found with a skin thick enough to be a real problem is the piquillo, and that's seldom seen fresh in this country- it's not a very productive variety.

    2. You can stir-fy them. But the skins are thick and will not soften as much or as quickly as, say, a bell pepper. Will be toothsome.

      1. While I often do roast them, last week I used one in a ratatouille and it was tender and delicious. I'd say go for it.

        1. I slice them thin for salads and eat them raw.

          It will be fine.

          1. I use them as a sub for bell peppers all the time. I love them. They are especially good in fajitas.