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Mar 30, 2006 03:25 PM

when did la scala in bh become a scene?

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am i confusing la scala in beverly hills with the one in brentwood? been to the one in brentwood and it's quite quaint. went with my in-laws to the beverly hills one on monday night and it was like a schmooze-fest. plus i think larry king is follwing us. everywhere we go, he's there. i will say, the food was decent. had a nice shrimp al cognac. the chopped salad that everyone raves about was not very impressive.

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  1. Probably when Nicole Richie started frequenting the place.

    1. The one in BH is very different from the "La SCala Presto" in Brentwood- it's the old original with the full menu, atmostphere, etc. So while it's not really a "Scene" it's different a) because of the location b) because of the menu and c) because of the history.

      1. Have the non-chopped salad. Its called Leon's Gourmet Salad after Jean Leon, who at one point (and may still) owned the place. Not on the menu but they'll make it for you. Same ingredients but not chopped. Tastes like a real salad as opposed to something you'd serve your 96 year old Uncle Earl, who lost all his teeth years ago and is now upsatirs looking for them (with Uncle Junior).

        1. i never understood the fuss about that salad.
          was always yuck to me.

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            hah i like that salad. i've never actually been to la scala but on occasion they served it at my old job's commissary. should check this place out. does the brentwood one have the salad too?

          2. I think La Scala has always been a scene. It certainly seemed like one 35 years ago, even to my extremely young eyes, although the celebrities ran more to Angie Dickenson and Gene Kelly back then than to the Hilton sisters.

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              Been a "scene" for millions of years. Most of the posters have not lived in lA very long.