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Aug 23, 2011 05:04 AM

Family run restaurants in Lisbon

My wife and I will be visiting Lisbon for 5 days in November, and are most interested in finding authentic and excellent family run restaurants, where a family member is the chef, and who cares deeply about the quality of each dish coming out of the kitchen.

The restaurant can have a touch of creativity, but I am primarily interested in traditional Portuguese places; large portions, heavy and oily are OK, although I do draw the line at overcooked fish.

Do such restaurants exist in Lisbon?

I have done some research to identify possibilities, but would very much appreciate more knowledgeable opinions. None of the restaurants mentioned below yielded any results from a Chowhound search.

O Galito and D'Avis, which are Alentejo style restaurants, appear to come closest to the ideal, at least on paper.

Other possibilities are O Coreto de Carnide, O Poleiro, and Farta Brutos.

What do our Lisbon experts think about these restaurants? Are there others, possibly even better?



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  1. Hi Marc,
    Just returned from a week in Lisbon in July and loved it. The city is fantastic and as long as you guys love seafood, you are in for a treat! The best meal that I had (actually probably the best seafood I've ever had) was at a family-run restaurant called Cerveceria Ramiro. I was there with a couple from Lisbon, you defintely have to be local to find this place.

    We were a large group, so we ordered a bit of everything and shared. The shrimp were the size of lobsters, the clam and mussels amazing and they also serve these little... Barnacles I guess you'd call them. They are located at Ave. Almirante Reis num. 1-H

    Also, there is a fantastic local bakery located near the famous monastery.... called something "de Berlin." The local pastries are called "pastel de nata," are here they are to die for. Little egg custard tarts, with powdered sugar and cinnamon. This place always has a line out the door, pass that line on the left and head back into the restaurant. It is a maze and deceptively large, you'll get served much more quickly that waiting for take away.

    Hope this helps! Enjoy your trip!

    1. I'll vouch for O Galito as the kind of restaurant you seek, but can't comment on the others. If you go to O Galito it is a short walk from a Metro stop, but not very obvious. Carnide appears to be a small old village which has been absorbed into the fringes of Lisbon. While there are a few nice looking restaurants in the old part, O Galito is in a sort of moden, non-descript office block without a very large sign.