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Aug 23, 2011 02:46 AM

Blackberry hedgerows in south London

Any sightings/recommendations most appreciated.

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  1. There's always been quite a few in South Norwood Country park , when I've been running there and know a few people who pick there.

    Not sure about this year though.

      1. re: gembellina

        They were very early this year. I picked about half a kilo on Putney Common on monday but they were small and not very delicious, but should be fine for jam. I also found a plum or perhaps damson tree. Too high to reach but some good windfalls, though the rain will have wrecked them I guess.

        There are mulberry trees in Kew Gardens!

        1. re: Jenny Sheridan

          I saw them on Clapham Common earlier this week and they were very small too, a lot them were still green so I was going to go back at the weekend and see if they had got any better.

          1. re: gembellina

            On closer inspection (never having been into the bushes on Clapham Common!) it turns out that a lot of people do go into the bushes and leave lots of evidence of their al fresco activities rather too near the fruit. Ick.

      2. OK I've moved from the area recently so i can broadcast my former favourite spot...

        A specific part of Wimbledon common - walk west past the windmill in the direction of Richmond park, through the car park, down a slope and then up to the top of a mini hill.

        The extra altitude and lack of trees seems to produce fat, juicy, sweet berries if chosen properly.

        Bring an umbrella with a hook handle, be warned it may be coming to the end of the season their soon as they arrive slightly earlier than the rest of the common..

        1. the best by far is Nunhead cemetery. Very juicy...but you are leaving it a bit late.

          1. Thanks all for the recommendations. Unfortunately, didn't make it. Maybe next year?