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Mar 30, 2006 03:16 PM

Pastrami Sandwhich

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Anyone recommend any places to get a great hot pastrami sandwich. Been to Johnny's Pastrami, The Hat and Langers.

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    Westside Realtor

    Forget everyone on your list except Langers. Langers is probably one of the top 3 pastrami sandwiches in the U.S. I happen to think that Katz Deli in N.Y.C. makes the best pastrami I've ever put into my mouth & Langers is right up there. The Hat is an impeccably clean CHAIN that serves a large soggy, fatty sandwich. Johnny's isn't much better. There is absolutely NO COMPARISON between Langers & the others. Langers also doubles bakes their rye bread for a crunchy bite.

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      Nothing beats a Langers Pastrami

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        FYI Brent's is opening in Westlake Village soon.

    2. p

      Brent's Deli in Northridge is always underrated in the Pastrami discussion. Great sandwich. Top it off with the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, insanely good. IMO a way-better deli than Langer's.

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        Concur (vigourously nodding head)

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          I agree with you that Brent's is a much better "deli" than Langer's, but IMO Langer's has a far, far better "pastrami sandwich." Langer's is really a one trick pony.

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            Reality Check

            I'm like you, I don't see the big deal about Langers. Is their pastrami good? Yes. Is it the best? Not even close.

            Brent's has a ton of good sandwiches and I agree, very underrated when the subject of deli's come up.

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              No question about it - Brent's is the best. Run, don't walk there. Be prepared for a long wait no matter when you go. It's OK though. It'll give you enough time to eye all the great desserts on display in the front.

            2. at langers you have to ask for it hand-sliced, from what i hear.

              1. It doesn't reach the exalted world's-best heights of the Langer's hot pastrami, but Clementine's pastrami reuben is frequently included on lists of LA's best sandwiches.

                1. Busy Bee Market in San Pedro on Walker. It is not a deli style pastrami like Langers. They cook the pastrami on a strainer in a tub of perfect au jus. the bread is soft and a perfect compliment. been to langers, canters, the hat, and johnnies and there is simply no comparison. they are only open Mon-Sat until 6p and are closed most holidays. it is far, but worth the trip. every time i go, it is a 30 mi drive and worth every second of fighting the traffic. there are few meals at any price more satisfying.