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Aug 23, 2011 01:33 AM

Culling Cookbooks: Do you ever regret it?

Advice and encouragement needed here folks!

My shelves are overflowing, and if I'm honest I have some books that I'm not in love with, and rarely use. But for some reason I'm reluctant to part with them because I think that I might explore them again one day. Meanwhile, I order more books!

So, should I just go for it. There are only three after all at the moment! For info:

GLORIOUS FOODS OF GREECE by Diane Kochilas (not the best book on Greek cooking)
THE ART OF SIMPLE FOOD by Alice Waters (dull but thanks again to LLM for sending it to me!)
GOOSEBERRIES, WILD GARLIC AND ME by Dennis Cotter (this one is beautiful, but I'm never going to use it and I want his latest one instead, which is much more accessible).


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  1. Short answer: yes, to the point of re-buying some of them years later.

      1. The only cookbook I can remember throwing away was something my mother got as a wedding present - 'The Art of Chinese Cooking' or something to that effect. She was married in 1977 in New Zealand, so that book could have put anyone off ever trying what was passed off as 'Chinese'. I do regret throwing it away, if only that it would have made a cute gift for my friend with a 70's retro kitchen.

        1. I agree that it is very difficult to get rid of cooking books and even magazines. One thing that helps me decide whether to donate a cookbook to the local library is how easy it is to find the recipes online. If I'm not a huge fan of the book, I tell myself that if ever I decide to make a recipe from it, I would just look for it online. Bloggers make everything look amazing:)

          1. I did a huge cull some 7 years ago, and I know that I threw out some books I wish I had now. I have even repurchased a couple of them. The good part was that I had a used bookstore dealer come and look at the collection, and I was actually able to sell quite a few of them. Since then, we have acquired many more bookshelves, and they are beginning to groan, so it may be time to do it all over again, even though I will have regrets!