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Aug 22, 2011 10:04 PM

Nacho Mama, Garberville - Organic Mexican food

CASH ONLY. Nacho Mama - what a cool name! When I did a search on Yelp I loved the name so when we filled up on gas at Shell I looked up & there it was across the street! B. said we gotta try it.

Organic Mexican food sounds fine, but I wasn't impressed. I got 2 chicken tacos $6.75 & an Ginger Ale to eat in the back where there's a few tables. The corn tortilla it came with was pretty awful tasting to me, lots of lettuce, some cheese, didn't have any guacamole in mine though it was suppose to I think, lots of shredded chicken. Plus the tortilla got very soggy & fell apart on me.

Soda from a can was just ok.


Nacho Mama
375 Sprowl Creek Rd
Garberville, CA 95542
(707) 923-4060

Nacho Mama
375 Sprowl Creek Rd, Garberville, CA 95542

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  1. I got a snack here last month, as a way of paying for use of the restroom. I ordered the super nachos, $8, without meat and was satisfied. Very good guacamole and lots of it, too much sour cream, perfectly cooked whole pinto beans (among other bean options), pico de gallo, melted real cheese (not cheezwhiz), and scallions. The part I did not like were the chips themselves and the soggy canned black olives. The box was very heavy and even with two people helping me eat it, we couldn't finish. Super nice staff.