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Aug 22, 2011 08:41 PM

Foodie's from Montreal in Philly because of Hurricane Irene...

Me and my Girlfriend are in south-beach for the week, but because of hurricane Irene, we are leaving earlier and heading to Philadelphia for the end of the week (our Flight from miami to montreal had a stop true Philly so we changed the first flight to wednesday. So instead of going by Philly, we are staying here for 2 nights! We need your help to save our trip! We loved food, local places, hole in the wall for lunch and really fine dining,seafood and hip places....

We dont tknow a thing about your city food scene and nightlife, so please help us so that we can appreciate our stop to Philly!

We are also opened to some suggestion for activities, sightseeing of your city... We are staying at the Palomar hotel by kimpton.


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  1. I forgot to mention that we wont have a car.... Thanks!

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      Modo Mio is not quite Au Pied du Cochon, but very interesting. Short cab ride.

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        Hit the Reading Terminal Market for a pancake breakfast at the Dutch Eating Place or a roast pork sandwich with provolone and greens at DiNic's for lunch. Lots to see at the market but best to see from Wednesday through Saturday when the Amish merchants are in town. It's an easy, safe 10-15 minute walk from the Palomar.

        For dinner, I like Zahav, which is modern Israeli cuisine, especially the tasting menu with the lamb shoulder. It's a quick cab ride or a longer walk (but very doable for us). A shorter walk, not too far away from the Palomar is Fish (seafood of course) and Amis (small plates modern Italian), and Tria (upscale small plates, good for a beer or glass of wine too).

        Paesano's is a good hole in the wall for lunch but is a bit of a hike from you.

        If you want brunch, do hit Parc a few blocks to the south and east of the Palomar at Rittenhouse Square. Dandelion (across the street from Tria) has English Pub food and is pretty good. Avoid Serafina acoss the street from Tria and Dandelion at all costs.

        Enjoy your visit and if you have any cuisines you like just holler!

    2. You will be close to many good places. Village Whiskey for a great burger(crowded, best to go at off time), Dandelion, Tinto, Parc(french bistro, great people watching), Thirteenth street also has a row of great restaurants-Barbuzzo, El Vez, Zavino, Tequila..........
      Reading Terminal Market not too much of a hike and has all different casual eating places----Try the pork sandwich wet with broccoli rabe and prov at DeNic's....have fun!

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        What do you think about:



        1 Atlantic Ocean Unit 3108, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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          Skip Buddakan. Definitely hit Kanella. I'd downgrade Morimoto and Amada and add Zahav and Barbuzzo.

          1. re: barryg

            I agree, but you may not be able to get into Barbuzzo on such short notice. I'd call them now. Kanella also does great lunch Thursday-Sunday (I think, it's 'brunch on Sat. and Sun.), so you could go there for lunch and still go to Zahav for dinner.

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          I think bonappetite meant Lolita, not Tequila('s), Tequila's is on another street and is not very good. Lolita is good.

        3. is mandatory! You'll feel better about the city if you go there. And then stop for drinks at Tria and the Franklin Mortgage Company. All close, all excellent, all right up your alley.