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Aug 22, 2011 07:54 PM

HK 8/22

Not sure why but the quality of chefs this year is pretty poor, they can't seem to deliver a good service and there are still quite a few that should be going home. Will or Jennifer for the final 2?

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  1. Probably Will and Jennifer for the final 2.

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    1. I think Will, Jennifer and Paul are the best of a very weak bunch. We couldn't decide last night WHO we wanted out more... Elise, Carrie or Tommy. 1 outta 3 ain't a bad start.

      1. Yeah, but what else is new?

        Edit: this is a reply to the OP

        1. I have to admit I cheered when Jennifer lost it and just screamed Elise into the ground. About time someone shut her up.

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          1. re: Firegoat

            Loved it when they caught Elise trying to blame the scoring on the wellingtons on Tommy.

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                I would have liked it more if they could have shown it to them all, as she was accusing him of it, just to see her try to get out of it. She's only there for the drama. I thought, in the beginning, that Natalie had the most potential so I was surprised to see her go (though I missed it for a couple of weeks so she clearly went downhill).

            1. I can't believe Tommy has made it this far. A head chef needs leadership qualities and Tommy's checklist reads like a list of qualities to avoid when looking for a leader.

              I agree that it'll be between Will, Jennifer, and Paul for the final 2 spots, but I'll put my money on Will. He's proved he can cook and he's assertive and vocal on his own accord without having someone telling him to be. He also takes responsibility for his own mistakes and doesn't seem to have the mental breakdowns or hissy fits that Paul and Jennifer have occasionally had.