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Aug 22, 2011 07:38 PM

Pink salmon...

Hi! I am back from a trip to Alaska (we had booked fishing in Ketchikan) and the timing was such that the coho's weren't running yet and I have now a large shipment of pink salmon headed my way. I know it isn't the same caliber as sockeye or coho but am wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to prepare it. Do I treat it like other salmon varieties? Any great marinades or recipes? I do have a Weber smoker and I do plan to brine and smoke some, but any other preps?

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  1. have you tried the Alaska Salmon bake recipe--smoked?

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      No, I haven't! I will look into it! Thanks.

    2. Just spent a week on an island with family in the Puget Sound and my uncle caught two good-sized pinks. The flesh is very mild - think of a really big, pink trout. Since the knife options there were limited, I cooked them whole on a grill in foil (oven would work fine, too). After cleaning and scaling, I scored the fish fairly deeply at 4-inch intervals and poured over a sweetened teriyaki sauce - fresh garlic, ginger, mirin, brown sugar, soy sauce, sealed the foil and baked 'til done. DON'T overcook - the flesh is particularly delicate and will dry out if you do.

      I think if I had access to better knives I'd bone and butterfly them and dust with seasoned flour and pan-fry them crisp on the outside, finish in a hot oven, maybe with a nice green sauce.

      1. I would make salmon cakes, or even burgers.

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