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Aug 22, 2011 05:36 PM

Has Nonna Ristorante near Newark, DE closed?

I have heard rumors. This would be a tragedy.

Nonna Ristorante
4621 Ogletown Stanton Rd, Newark, DE 19713

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  1. LivingSocial has a $20 for $40 deal for Nonna today so I hope the answer is "no".

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    1. re: danbee1

      The LivingSocial deal is actually for Nonna's in West Chester.

      1. re: MrRuffles

        Oops - must read these things more carefully. Bought a deal for Hill's Seafood only to find it was for the Exton location rather than Kennett. Well worth the ride though.

    2. Drove past Nonna's today. It is now Bistro Salvatore and looks like a take out place. Oh well.

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      1. re: gfweb1

        actually it's more than a take out. It's a full italian restaurant that has take out. The food was VERY tasty and reasonably priced. (the wedding soup was outstanding!)