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Aug 22, 2011 03:06 PM

Bubble tea in TO and GTA

Hi everyone :) When I hang out with my friends, we usually go to Destiny, on HWY 7 / Leslie to sit and chat. I have been to Ten-Ren's, Tea 168, Go-for-tea, and Tasty House. In comparison, I like Destiny's couches and atmosphere the best. The problem is that it has incredibly bad service. Over the 15+ visits I have experienced:
- Waiting an hour for a menu
- Waiting an hour for drinks
- Getting the wrong drinks
- Being rejected a table after being told that the kitchen is closed (two hours before closing) as two people behind us are seated and served. (The bar and drinks were still open though and we were able to get take out...)
- Rude staff asking me "Why no tip?"
- And other minor things
Don't get me wrong - it is a good place for a hangout with friends. However, certain things are not the great. So, I am writing on this forum to ask if anyone can suggest a great bubble tea place that
a) Closes late
b) Has a good selection of bubble tea (Duh)
c) Has some sort of a lounge/patio/comfy area
d) Has an fun, chill atmosphere
e) Won't kick you out after sitting and chatting with friends for hours
Your help is really appreciated.
P.S Favourite bubble tea flavour?

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  1. New place near Bay and Dundas if you're in the area. Chatime, they have 500 stores worldwide and this one is the first to open in Toronto I think. Real authentic Taiwanese Bubble Tea, can't beat that! Plus it's Starbucks style so you can sit and not have to pay tips ;)

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      I'm looking forward to trying this place. Sadly, yesterday they had no taro, which is my flavour of choice at the moment.The very nice person behind the counter apologized told me to come back in a day or two, and I definitely will be doing that.

      1. re: josephrcwong

        after experiencing chatime in australia and loving it, was hoping to open the first one in toronto when i get back, too bad! At least i'll be able to enjoy it in toronto now though, its great!