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Cost of Fresh Sweet Corn at Farmers Markets

Paid $2 for 3 cobs last week. Tasted great. Must have been picked just the day before. Not like what you get in the stores. (This goes along with the Cost of Fresh Tomatoes at Farmers Markets Topic.)

But I remember not so long ago getting it for $1/doz. Okay, help yourself roadside stand and it was years and years ago.

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  1. here in coastal sc it is 3 dollars for 6 or 5 dollars a dozen

    1. Here in Boston, it's typically 50 cents per ear. Cheaper out in more rural New England.

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      1. I pay $2.75/half dozen here in Indiana. The grower usually throws in an extra ear.

        1. Our FM is a rip off as they charge $1 per cob in N. Alberta.

          1. You guys know the price of fuel, fertilizer and packing materials are throught the roof, right?

            1. Just because the sign says Farmers Market doesn't mean the produce is grown there. You would be surprised by how much stuff at Farmers Markets is brought in from somewhere else. Your best bet for Corn or tomatos is to find a stand that sells produce that is grown on their property out back of the stand. If it is still there, there is a pretty good one in San Juan Capistrano, Ca. It did not matter to me but everything grown there is Organic. I think the tomatoes they grew were something like $2.98 or $3.98 a pound while in season, Corn was inexpensive also. The strawberries grown there are excellent. Anything they grew on premises were usually cheaper than what they brought in from somewhere else.

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                Here in Winchester, VA area, one can see a few Farmers Markets stands along side the road in early spring with all sorts of produce that one can tell is certainly not grown here. I never stop, but there are those who do.

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                  Our FM is tiny - literally two tables and I know both producers well. Their farms are local and organic and expensive! Thankfully I grow my own vegetables.

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                    I'm in general agreement with your views concerning *roadside farm stands*, and have voiced similar sentiments here before.....but around my parts, *Farmer's Markets* usually require the vendors to be actual farmers peddling their own grown fruits and vegetables.

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                      That's good. Here in Bergen County, NJ, most of the Farmers' Market vendors have anywhere from 1/2 to 2/3 of their merchandise from other sources. They freely admit this, and if you come at opening you can see them unpacking boxes from large farms down in South Jersey. Most of the markets only require that the stuff be from NJ, not necessarily from that particular farm doing the selling.

                  2. We pay $5/ dozen at the farmstands we frequent here in Western MA.

                    1. Wowza. I feel spoiled that my FM sells local corn for $0.25/ear or $2/doz. Maybe I should have started a sweet corn distribution business this summer...probably could have made a killing reselling to CH'ers. :)

                      1. Outside of Chicago, I paid 25c an ear this weekend. Seemed super expensive at the time. ;)

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                          Here in the NY Metro, the cost this year averages about 50 cents/ear, which is about 1 1/2 times what they cost last year. Big increase. But all food has gone up geometrically, so...

                        2. There is such an overabundance of corn being grown but not the people-eating kind. When biofuel took off a few years ago, there was talk that corn production would take away from people's food, especially in Mexico where they rely heavily on corn tortillas. Tsk tsk tsk.

                          1. Just paid 4 ears/$1.00 last week at my local farmer's market. It was delicious!

                            1. 75 cents an ear at the greenmarket I frequent in Brooklyn.

                              1. $6 for a "baker's dozen (13 ears) at my favorite farm stand in upstate NY, and worth every penny:)

                                1. Farmers' market prices in Chicago are so much higher this year that my neighbors and I wonder whether the markets will continue; also, we are seeing fewer vendors this year. I know they have to pay a lot for gas to get here from Indiana and Michigan, but when zucchini costs $2 lb in August (when if you grow it you can't give it away) the system is somehow in danger.

                                  1. Here at the Concord, NH farmer's market local fresh picked has been .50/ear $6/baker's dozen.

                                    1. Our local smaller grocery is selling local for 25 cents each this week; even though I have farmstands close by, maybe I'll get my Thanksgiving corn there to freeze. That's as cheap as I've seen it in years.

                                      1. I'm with you, FFFF....I know it's hip and trendy to go to the farmers markets, and the quality/freshness is usually better than a supermarket, but sheesh those farmers do a bit of price gouging. My favorite local farmer has 2 stands in town, and gets a nice premium for his produce...and I don't want to hear about fuel, fert, prices, etc, as I know he more than comes out on top by employing illegal aliens. I feel it's important to support your local growers, but when the local grower is tooling around town in a jacked up 2010 F350 kingranch, and the daughter drives a Hummer, fuel costs are obviously not a big priority. So much for the impoverished farmer stereotype

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                                          In So CA at a farmers market stand, they were 6/$1.00, pretty consistant all summer.

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                                            that seems reasonable....50¢ in my part of Connecticut, commonly

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                                              check that....price increase to 59¢ ! Just noticed last night

                                          2. Kansas City Farmers Market, 27 AUG 2011
                                            6 for $2.50
                                            13 for $5.00

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                                              Central New Jersey at the farm: one gets .55, the other gets .50 per ear. Both pick on a daily basis. However, this year, the ears are much smaller in diameter than previous years. Superb quality!

                                            2. Northern Michigan farmstand and farmer's markets last week--$2 for 6 ears
                                              Detroit area farmers markets: $3 for 6 ears

                                              A great bargain in any case...I'll eat corn every 2-3 days til the season's over!

                                              1. the farm near my home charges $3.25 for 6, 6.50 for a dozen - they grow it there and replenish the supply on the table about every 30 minutes... if you're lucky you pick out ears still warm from the sun. nothing better.
                                                If you husk them there, they use the husks for feed or compost them, i'm not sure which, but it makes me feel really good that they are put to use.

                                                1. In my area of PA, it is $2 per dozen at roadside stands right at the farm. At the market, I think it is about $3-$3.50 per dozen?