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Aug 22, 2011 03:00 PM

All Green Market in Glen Burnie

What happened? Does anyone know why it closed or when it will re-open?

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  1. I drove by and saw a sign that said it would reopen the 25th.

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      I drove by on Rt.2 today. It did not look open. any updates?

    2. OK, I live in AA county (Hanover, SW side of the airport off of Dorsey). What is this Green Market that you speak of and where in Glen Burnie is it?

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      1. re: cbauer

        It is right across from Ann's Dairy Creme and Marley Station Mall.

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          Used to be a Giant Food store.

        2. The sign on the window says temporarily closed. There was a security vehicle in the parking lot on Sunday, 9/11

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          1. re: mikesp

            I wish they would hurry up and re-open!

            1. re: nosey

              Well, unfortunately I feel like I've seen "temporarily closed" become just closed more often than not. It's ashame they never seemed to draw the large crowds that H-Mart did. While their produce remained great, there was definately a reduction in their selection over time, especially their meat selection.

              800 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD

          2. I was so bummed when I drove by and saw the place vacant. I have to say though the last couple times I went by, I found the produce failing--many almost rotten avocados, wilted napa cabbage, the ginger was strange in that it looked like pieces of it had been frozen then thawed. I saw a dying tilapia gasping for air lying on its side at the bottom the tank and I remember thinking, hmm, I'll never buy anything out of that tank. But I loved the red snapper whole and a I was able to pick up my Asian ingredients. I also noticed that some of the frozen foods had frosted over as well. Definitely could use some improvements. Maybe they were shut down because they failed on some food inspection level. I wouldn't be totally surprised. Well, I'm on my way to Catonsville to H Mart, they're a bit farther, but consistent quality control is a standard there you can count on. I'd rather go farther and be able to trust the food items rather than have the convenience of it being nearby if the fresh/frozen products are substandard.

            Just got back from HMart. You know, the quality is so much better, if AllGreen does reopen, their quality would have to equal that of Hmart for me to return. Maybe they will. After leaving Hmart, I thought, AllGreen is a Hmart wannabe, and hopefully it can happen--just for the convenience.

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            1. re: blossomthyme

              It's a real shame. I'm in Arnold, and was thrilled to have easy access to a lot of the asian ingredients. The produce used to be top notch and much less expensive than other area grocerys. Same with the meat. I loved the thin sliced ribeye they carried. Did a ton of Cheesesteaks last year with that.

              Looks like I need to join the crowd at Hmart.

            2. The original comment has been removed