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Aug 22, 2011 02:08 PM

porcini extravaganza in Rome?


Me and my brother will spend some days in Rome in three weeks time.

Beside revisiting some old favorites in Testaccio and Trastevere, I was hoping to spend a night with porcini as a main character. But; where to go? Most of my personal experiences are more mom-and-pop-trattorias (haven't been to Rome since graduation).

We are interested in any recommendations on all different price levels. We are not interested in interior, service, etc, just the food and the wine. Although we are not necessarily after the "high-end" experience, Norwegians are (as you may imagine) used to pay the price of eating out.

Any help will be hugely appreciated!

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  1. We had a fine dish of funghi porcini with sweetbreads at Trattoria Monti on our last visit. But it was a daily special and the porcini are seasonal. If they are in season they should be widely available around town,

    Trattoria Monti
    Via di San Vito,13a, Roma , IT

    1. Hi Hamha,
      I'm afraid that in three weeks you won't find porcini in Rome. There is currently a heatwave that is due to last another week, which would put Porcini season off for quite a while.
      Sorry to dissapoint!

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      1. re: minchilli

        I'm sorry too,

        But it is warming with such helpfullness.