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Aug 22, 2011 01:42 PM

Sunday Night in Paris 2nd Arrd.

This is a tough one (I think)

I have 17 people and I need a good restaurant. We are staying at the Icone Hotel in the 2nd Arr.

I know Aux Lyonnaise is in the area, are there any other options that could possible take 17 people?

(12 of the 17 people are chefs)

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  1. Here's an article from a couple of years ago in Le Figaro:

    If you're talking August, you should confirm with the restaurant, of course.

    1. Drouant on Place Gaillon is in the 2nd. It is above "average" in all respects, can accommodate a group your size and is open every day.

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        How about Cafe des Musses?? I keep hearing good things, I know they are open on Sunday, are they "big enough" to host a table of 17?