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Recommendations for the Cooking Channel?

Just realized I can get the Cooking Channel. Any ideas on what you like/dislike there?

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    1. I'm new to Bitchin Kitchen, but Nadia is growing on me ......

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        LOL. I was gonna say stay away from Bitchin Kitchen unless you wanna end up wanting to punch yourself in the face with brass knuckles for watching it.

      2. I really like French Food at Home with Laura Calder
        +1 for Chuck's Day Off and Dolce Vita. All of these are on during the daytime, so if you cannot watch then you might want to try recording them.

        Laura and Chuck's shows were previously seen on Food Network Canada.

        I watch Cooking Channel a lot more than I watch Food Network these days, but unfortunately after just over a year of being on the air they are showing far too many repeats. The new programming that they have is a little lackluster but better than FN's endless competition shows.

        Last evening's block of 2 or 3 pizza themed shows was interesting, for example, but nothing that special.

        Since you are new to CC you will probably enjoy the first few months, but unless they start getting a lot of new programming, you will start to notice the repeats.

        1. Plus one for "Chuck's Day Off", "Dolce Vita", and "Bill's Food". I also enjoy "Extra Virgin".

          1. Thanks, all! Soooo looking forward to a vacation from cupcake wars!

            1. I liked French Food at Home and Spice Goddess.

              1. Definitely agree with the recommendation of French Food at Home. I find Laura Calder to be extremely appealing. However, Cooking Channel only seems to be re-running season 3 for the past 9 months or so. I've only seen about 15 episodes total.

                1. I like The Originals with Emeril and Hook Line and Dinner with Ben Sargent...nothing groundbreaking but I've always had a preference for the "travel city-to-city and eat at 3 establishments" formula.

                  1. David Rocco's show is excellent. As a matter of fact, I find the content on CC to be superior most of the time now to FN, which is dominated by Iron Chef and those dumb contest shows. Just wish CC was broadcast in HD!

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                        No it is not, it's not available anywhere. Check their statement near the bottom of this link. Hope they get it soon, like I said, I like their content a lot better than FN!


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                          i'm watching in HD right now as we speak

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                            I watch it in HD as well. Maybe they haven't updated their FAQ.

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                              i love when people argue against your own experience.

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                                I called them, they are a division of Scripps Howard, and they said that HD won't be available until possibly 1st Q 2012. So much for "experience". They said that perhaps your cable co is mislabeling it.

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                                  Well then, AT&T is mislabeling it in my case. I have 2 channels on U-Verse for The Cooking Channel. One in the "regular" channel lineup and one that's in the HD lineup.

                    1. What the hell is this channel? Aren't all these shows Canadian? I know Chuck's day off, french food at home, Dolce Vita and Bitchin Kitchen are.

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                          You guys should have kept bitchin kitchen up there.

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                            I think a good quarter of the shows on that channel are from Food Network Canada. ;)

                            I recommend that you avoid Food Jammers at all costs.

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                              why? you don't like innovative stoners?

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                                  head to canada. stoners are generally very generous

                          2. I like Nigella, Dolce Vita, Extra Virgin, and Everyday Exotic.

                            As someone stated above, after awhile though it becomes all repeats like FN.

                            1. I don't get the channel but I catch it when I can, here and there. I like Annie Sibonney's "From Spain with Love". She knows Spain and the and food and she can sure eat!

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                                She laughs too much but the places she goes to, eight of them are on my next trip to Spain list already, esp the giant scallion festival.

                              2. No love for the 2 Fat Ladies? That's must see TV for me!

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                                  I love seeing 2 Fat Ladies again and I'm pleased that the Cooking Channel is also running Julia Child! My favorites have been named in this thread but I also like to watch Luke Nguyen's Vietnam. I hope I spelled his name right.

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                                    I am also a fan of Luke Nguyen's Vietnam show. I especially enjoyed the episode where he cooked a hot plate meal while traveling down the river. His style and approach to food is so inspiring.

                                    The gal that Pat mentioned above hosting the show on Spain's food is a delight too. I just haven't caught enough episodes yet.

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                                      I love Luke's Vietnam. Imo, it's really in a class of it's own.
                                      Chuck's Day Off is good, as well as anything with Ching-He Huang. I believe she has a couple of shows.

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                                        It's hard not to find Ching-he Huang's enthusiasm welcoming but I wish some of her dishes were a bit more challenging. Great warm spirit tho.

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                                            Absolutely two big thumbs up for Luke Nguyen. His show is fascinating and authentic and completely charming. Well, except for that one time he ate a raw, fertilized duck egg. I had to cover my eyes for that....

                                      2. Jamie at Home is excellent. He cooks so simply and fresh. He's got an amazing appreciation for simplicity. I can't wait to get to the farmers market when i watch.

                                        1. I like French Food at Home (though, as others have mentioned, the same 10 shows keep repeating), From Spain with Love and Jamie at Home. I dropped Bill's Food, Spice Goddess and Rachel Allen: Bake!.

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                                            My husband pointed out that the host of French Food at home keeps her teeth clamped together no matter what-I do like the show but now I can't stop looking.And my son was watching it, and i told him about the clenched teeth, and he informed me that i'd pretty much ruined the show for him (for the same reason). But other than that it's an enjoyable and educational show.

                                          2. Julia Child is on at 2pm my time (EST) Tuesday through Friday. I can never get enough of her! Love David Rocco's and Laura Calder's shows, too. Also Nigella and Roger Mooking's shows, Chuck's Day Off, even Brunch with Bobby Flay (where we actually get to see him cooking again) is good. And Foodography has grown on me: I've become rather fond of Mo Rocca, who to me is like Alton Brown's younger, hipper brother. No, Mo doesn't cook but lots of interesting info on that show. I cannot watch Bytchin Kitchen: those flame graphics and the overall goofiness get on my last nerve. I wish she'd dial back on the wacky factor because some of the recipes look pretty good, but I can never stand to have it on more than a minute or two.

                                            1. I really like Luke's Vietnam, Part food and part travel log. It is amazing to see those elderly ladies (80+) still making noodles by hand. Such patience! I like Emeril's "Fresh, Food, Fast" and the "Originals". Also like Hook, Line & Dinner. Enjoy the Two Fat Ladies, but I do not want to cook their food., I watch it and respond like "No, They Didn't"......but they are fun to watch.

                                              1. I really like Luke's Vietnam, his zeal for the food and its people is very contagious. The Two Fat Ladies may be my all-time favorite, their menus are gutbombs, but CLASSY and CLASSIC gutbombs, and they were truly the most entertaining wenches of all the cooking shows.
                                                If you can find the old Melting Pot series, I always liked that a lot, Jamie at Home is wonderful, Iron Chef Japan is so interesting for its ingredients and judging and preparation, anythign by Julia Child is most gratifying, always, no matter who or if she has anybody else on. Sometimes they have old Mario Batali shows on as well, and he's one of my heroes.
                                                I really hope they don't lose the old shows, many/most of them were from when FN mattered.

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                                                  They are also showing some ov the VERY old Molto Mario shows, from when Mario was more humble and a bit thinner!

                                                  I wish they'd show the series Mario made touring Italy a few years back, that was a wonderful show!

                                                2. French Food at Home. Good show and Laura Calder has a nice way about her.
                                                  Dolce Vita: Love David Rocco. L.O.V.E. him!
                                                  Chuck's Day Off. He's got decent recipes and like, Calder, he has a nice way about him.
                                                  Jamie Oliver. He has a show on FN, but I cannot remember the name of it. I like him a lot and have a couple of his cookbooks.
                                                  Kelsey's Basics..I think that's the name. She's good. Very instructional. I've added her Lemon Curd recipe as a staple.
                                                  Extra Virgin. I like Debbie Mazur and her husband--this is entertaining. They're cute together.
                                                  My complaint. All of these shows are in rerun mode. It's annoying. Very annoying.
                                                  Bitchin' Kitchen. No can do. I cannot stand that hostess. She tries to hawd ta be badass. It's not happening.

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                                                  1. re: jarona

                                                    "My complaint. All of these shows are in rerun mode. It's annoying. Very annoying."

                                                    I can't think of a serious way around reruns. What's a typical season for a program? 13 episodes? Even with a generous 26 episodes, they'll start reruns after half a year. Good Eats has some where around 250 episodes, Paula about 200 across 3 series.

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                                                      Cooking Channel goes way beyond the standard network rerun practices. They have been on the air for about 15 months. For shows like French Food at Home they have shown the same 15 or so episodes over and over again for 15 months. FFatH was a show acquired from Food Network Canada, so the shows were already reruns when they started on CC. According to the FFatH website 78 episodes of the show were made for Canada, but CC has only acquired rights to one season and shows them over and over again. The show is on every weekday.

                                                      That is just one example that I am aware of. It's a show that I really like, but I don't watch it anymore because I have seen all of the episodes so many times.

                                                      1. re: pamf

                                                        I haven't observed the practice of another start up, so can't say whether this is abnormal or not. It could be that they chose to put money into new productions rather than buy more seasons from Canada. I'm sure someone at CC is weighing the pros and cons of buying more episodes, producing their own, and alienating viewers (and advertisers) with excessive reruns.