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Aug 22, 2011 12:51 PM

Recommendations for the Cooking Channel?

Just realized I can get the Cooking Channel. Any ideas on what you like/dislike there?

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    1. I'm new to Bitchin Kitchen, but Nadia is growing on me ......

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      1. re: Maggie19

        LOL. I was gonna say stay away from Bitchin Kitchen unless you wanna end up wanting to punch yourself in the face with brass knuckles for watching it.

      2. I really like French Food at Home with Laura Calder
        +1 for Chuck's Day Off and Dolce Vita. All of these are on during the daytime, so if you cannot watch then you might want to try recording them.

        Laura and Chuck's shows were previously seen on Food Network Canada.

        I watch Cooking Channel a lot more than I watch Food Network these days, but unfortunately after just over a year of being on the air they are showing far too many repeats. The new programming that they have is a little lackluster but better than FN's endless competition shows.

        Last evening's block of 2 or 3 pizza themed shows was interesting, for example, but nothing that special.

        Since you are new to CC you will probably enjoy the first few months, but unless they start getting a lot of new programming, you will start to notice the repeats.

        1. Plus one for "Chuck's Day Off", "Dolce Vita", and "Bill's Food". I also enjoy "Extra Virgin".

          1. Thanks, all! Soooo looking forward to a vacation from cupcake wars!