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Aug 22, 2011 12:21 PM

crabs in Cape May

I went to a place a few years ago, that was a crab shack where you would climb up a ladder with your cooler, to sit around and crack open freshly cooked ones. It was awesome. ?name of it. I understand it is now closed. Doe anyone have any suggestions for a similar type place, i.e., casual and great crabs.

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  1. And, on a related topic, how is The Crab Trap in nearby Somers Point?

    Crab Trap Restaurant
    PO Box 214, Somers Point, NJ 08244

    1. I don't think there are many places like that left in NJ. As wholesale prices have gone way up,
      it is hard to stay in business as a casual crab shack where people linger for hours eating a few dozen crabs. I tried catching crabs in local bays with the kids. Fun activity but not as productive as it once was. I purchased live crabs from ShopRite ($15/doz) and steamed them myself Maryland-style. Good eats if you don't mind the picking.

      1. There is a place called H&H seafood on the causeway between Wildwood and Cape May that sells live crabs out of tanks and also has tables where you can buy them cooked. They rent kayaks so look for them on the road. This is the best place in the area to do that. Bud's Bait and Tackle in the Villas also sells live crabs. You can also get them at Lobster House but you'll pay more and should avoid that place anyway -- its an overpriced tourist trap with mediocre food - unless I'm buying fish or lobsters to cook at home. You can't buy fresher seafood in the area, which is why I'm constantlly amazed that their takeout and sit down food is so mediocre.

        The Lobster House
        906 Schellengers Landing Rd, Cape May, NJ 08204

        1. There is one and one only in southern NJ, and it is JUNIOR'S on route 47, just north of Cape May. If you go there, you will be happy-- very, very happy. It is good, it is A VERITABLE TREASURE, and your grandchildren will thank you long after. Go there if you adore crab & incredibly good, fresh fish, all strictly local. The family that owns it are lovely. You cannot serve good crab or seafood to the public unless your head &. Heart are in a good place. That is simply the case at Juniors.