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Aug 22, 2011 11:23 AM

Recs for Anniversary weekend in Detroit/Ann Arbor/surrounding areas

Hey all,

NY hound in town for a wedding and m'lady and I decided to make a long weekend out of it. To wit, we'll be around Detroit Friday September 2nd through Labor Day, Sept 5th. The wedding is on sunday, and the plan is to be in Detroit for the Jazz Festival Kickoff, either hearing more music or maybe visiting farmers markets/other stuff saturday/wedding sunday.

My wife is a fins and scales only pesca-vegetarian. I'm an omnivore.

Looking for a few days worth of meals. local, funky spots. emphasis on veggie friendly. Restaurants, but also I remember the Royal Oak Farmer's market being a noshfest! Not Indian or Ethopian but open to most other things- we live in nyc so we have pretty good italian fare, so probably wouldn't be headed there. In terms of price range, would like to keep everything mostly cheaper, except for Friday night dinner, which will be our 4th anniversary. We're staying downtown Detroit friday night, Dearborn saturday, and Ann Arbor Sunday. We'll have a car and don't mind travelling some for a really good meal.

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  1. The Thai Temple (in Warren) has their food court/market open Sept 4th.

    1. Also, about 7 years ago, I was at a veggie friendly spot that also had really good steak. Think it was in Oakland county. Funky spot- sound familiar to anyone?

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        There's Mitchell's Fish Market in Birmingham, Rochester Hills, and Livonia.

        It's a chain, but they are not in New York so they're probably new to you.

        Good seafood/fish, and I have had they're filet mignon and it was also quite good.


      2. For the anniversary night dinner, Forest Grill in Birmingham sounds like it'd be right up your alley.

        Forest Grill Restaurant
        735 Forest Ave Ste 100, Birmingham, MI 48009

        1. If you want to splurge for the anniv dinner; The Lark:

          Breakfast; Fly Trap

          Lunch ... I remember you saying no Indian/Ethiopian. This ain't
          the usual Indian fare. Rather; it's Indian street food:

          Ice Cream; Shatila Bakery:

          1. Veggie Friendly + Cheap + Dearborn = Lebanese. My personal favorite is Al Sultan on Inkster just North of Cherry Hill (425 Inkster Rd, Garden City, MI 48135) but there are probably a dozen places that are equally as good in the Dearborn area. A quick CH search on Dearborn or Middle Eastern should yield plenty of results.