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Mar 30, 2006 11:43 AM

Blacksteel opening w/ Chef J

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So did anyone go the opening opening in Feb? I haven't heard much on Chef J. Is this going to be another hollywood miss? Ideas, info?

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  1. Our company is installing all of their plasmas and displays, so we were in on this early but Im curious to find out about the food, too. I honestly thought this was going to be more of a "nightclub" and less about the food.

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    1. re: Bassbiz

      I thought so too but they're really selling the restaurant.


      1. re: Rick's partially owned by Pamela Anderson and there's a daily TV broadcast from inside the kitchen? No matter how good the chef is, this restaurant is defnitely not about the food. I have a theory about new places in Hollywood -- other than the Hungry Cat and an occasional specialty place like 25 Degrees, I don't think ANY of them are about the food. I'm sure it's possible to get a decent meal at Memphis or Citizen Smith or Geisha House...but none of them are places to go for the food alone. They're about drinking and seeing and beeing seen. But I'll be happy to be proven wrong, if I ever find a parking place there.

    2. And horrible service by goofy model look alikes that don't know anything!