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Any comments on 'The Sandwich King' first episode?

It aired here in Seattle yesterday AM, but I forgot to record it.

How was it? All in studio, or did he get out and about, as some clips looked like he would...

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  1. Some clips of him at a Chicago Beef joint, asking about the recipes. Didn't really like the show, I found it boring. Not enough to fill 1/2 hr (well 20 mins with commercials) with the beef sammich so he made another one. I like him, so I'll given it another chance, but I don't watch those types of shows anyway, I prefer the reality competitions on FN.

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      You're right, the journey is more interesting than the destination. The competition is great and we don't give a fig about the winner.

    2. I thought his recipes sounded tempting. I might actually try them both. It's amazing how long a half hour is, though. I do think they struggled to find enough content to fill a half hour, even with the visits to the sandwich shop.

      I hope he settles in a little. I thought he was trying too hard to be funny in his sandwich shop interviews, and he ended up dominating that conversation.

      But, not bad for a first episode.


      1. Thank God, he doesn't call it a sammich or a sammy, but a sandwich. Points for that.

        1. Wasn't fond. I found it really boring, almost a clone of all the other shows the Food Network seems to be programming these days. Travel to find food, find food, and expect me to care.

            1. Agree that it was a real snooze. I won't give it another watch.

              1. I liked it. Jeff is cute. It's definitely not enchanting television, and I won't DVR it, but I will pay attention if it comes on while I have the TV on. I won't make either of the sandwiches from Episode 1, but I learned about the Chicago beef thing, which I didn't know about previously.
                I liked Episode 2 even more, as I might try both the gyro sandwich and "steak dinner" sandwich. Fall is "busy nights" season for us, so I like the idea of "make a sandwich into a meal."

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                  I rarely rely on my food expert to be "cute." Sorry, but I could care less, despite what Susie and the rest of the Food Network folks think.

                  It really upsets me when Susie and other judges liken "cuteness" and whatever to being what I'd like to watch.

                  It truly removes all food cred to that network.

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                    I liked Episode 2 as well. I have lamb in the freezer and plan on making the gyros. I liked that he went to the Greek restaurant first, to show the sandwich is authentically made, and then created a version for the home cook. The instructions were simple and the result looked delicious.

                    The "steak dinner" sandwich is a staple in our house already. We make it almost exactly the same way whenever there is leftover steak. I've been telling my husband for years that I invented it (never thought of the garlic chips though).

                    As for Jeff being cute, there's a line from an old Marilyn Monroe movie, "A man being rich is like a woman being pretty. She doesn't have to be, but it helps." I guess the same can be said for food experts. What a nice perk. If you can get the whole package, why not?

                  2. I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it but I saw a few minutes and I thought Jeff was pretty good. The gyro looked like something I would want to eat and his instructions seemed clear.

                    1. I think the show is actually pretty good. The first time in I don't know how long I would actually try all four recipes he has shown thus far. Going to buy the stuff for the gyros this week. He's a little rough around the edges, but it's sort of refreshing. I have been watching more Cooking channel over FN lately the other 'cooks' are so worn out...

                      1. I finally watched it. I think Jeff is a little flat and not as ebullient as he was during the competition.

                        1. I watched the second episode and thought that both of his "sangwiches" looked good. On the other hand he seemed a bit nervous and his ebulliency seemed kind of forced. I wish he'd wave his arms around a little less, it's distracting.

                          1. I only saw the new episode yesterday so far. He made mole and did something with plantains. Overall better than expected. Is this the end of his 6 episode order or does he get more?

                            1. I searched it on my tv and found nothing.
                              Although I'm behind the 8 ball, seems like it's been pulled.
                              Maybe along the lines of that Amy lady who's show lasted 6 episodes if that.
                              Really awful, the Amy [what's her name] show...

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                                  well, not sure anyone saw the episode that Amy publicly said she wasn't sure she wanted the win or show due to family or whatever, at that point I thought if she does [win] it's a short season or no season, she may back out all together.

                                  and respectfully pdx, I thought the idea behind this type of show was to produce a winner, but that could be just me \?/

                                  about the Sandwich King, no mention on wiki about anything beyond his first episode.

                                  doesn't even mention how many there were but on the line up of TVFNetwork show, his is not highlighted, which indicates to me it's a goner.........

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                                    did see a commercial on tonight with him under a sunny umbrella stating he was going to Florida for the food and wine show or some such thing.
                                    my husband says he thinks they'll renew the show/pick it up for another season and he could be right

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                                      I think they are going to try to get him to do another show ala Guy.

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                                  I still make her morrocan meatball recipe, it's popular at my house.

                                  1. re: rasputina

                                    never saw that and it does sound good..................is the recipe online somewhere?

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                                      Well lets see, she was on Food Network so....

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                                        can't find her moroccan meatball recipe anywhere so I suppose if I want to make MM's, I'll just go online and read some recipes and go from there.

                                        now to get back to the sandwich king. it'll be interesting to see if something [with him in it] comes about.

                                        1. re: iL Divo

                                          his new show is being advertised.
                                          so he'll be back on.
                                          that answers that

                                    2. He is cute and has a good personality. However the sandwich concept is too food porn with not enough practicality. I doubt it lasts very long.

                                      1. Remember the guy who only made hamburger patties on every episode? He got REALLY boring after a couple of shows.

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                                          I don't remember the guy who only made hamburger patties, but RR does a bunch of hamburger type things with all kinds of meat. < but how unfortunately for me, she's boring and not happy in her profession any longer and it shows.
                                          but I digress.....

                                          1. re: Puffin3

                                            Hubert Keller's "Secrets of a Chef"?

                                          2. Another trainwreck courtesy of the Food Network..........plenty of gratuitous flexing and postering and panning to pictures of his son ("I'm a family man but ........)the show is horrid on every level ...and to the earlier reference of him not saying "sammies" or "sammich", I think I heard both along with a new annoyance, a "sandy'.....yikes

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                                              I like the guy. I think he's really funny and I enjoy watching him.

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                                                I like him, too. But I rarely see his show.