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Aug 22, 2011 11:10 AM

Any comments on 'The Sandwich King' first episode?

It aired here in Seattle yesterday AM, but I forgot to record it.

How was it? All in studio, or did he get out and about, as some clips looked like he would...

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  1. Some clips of him at a Chicago Beef joint, asking about the recipes. Didn't really like the show, I found it boring. Not enough to fill 1/2 hr (well 20 mins with commercials) with the beef sammich so he made another one. I like him, so I'll given it another chance, but I don't watch those types of shows anyway, I prefer the reality competitions on FN.

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      You're right, the journey is more interesting than the destination. The competition is great and we don't give a fig about the winner.

    2. I thought his recipes sounded tempting. I might actually try them both. It's amazing how long a half hour is, though. I do think they struggled to find enough content to fill a half hour, even with the visits to the sandwich shop.

      I hope he settles in a little. I thought he was trying too hard to be funny in his sandwich shop interviews, and he ended up dominating that conversation.

      But, not bad for a first episode.


      1. Thank God, he doesn't call it a sammich or a sammy, but a sandwich. Points for that.

        1. Wasn't fond. I found it really boring, almost a clone of all the other shows the Food Network seems to be programming these days. Travel to find food, find food, and expect me to care.