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Aug 22, 2011 10:38 AM

Richmond Summer Night Market

My husband and I are heading up to Vancouver this week and I am wondering whether we should check out the Richmond Night Market. I was hoping for some input on what the food is like as well as the whole market, including some favorites stalls/dishes for food. We don't have a lot of nights in Vancouver so I want to get a feel of whether it is worth the trip. We don't have a lot of Asian options down here in Florida so we are looking forward to experiencing a lot of delicious Asian cuisine (as we always do on our trips to the Pacific NW).

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  1. I took some visitors there at the end of July and we had a good time. The food is not exceptional but there are a few worthy offerings. We had a very tasty dish of stinky tofu from the Kam Wai dim sum stall, which they don't offer at their bricks and mortar resto in Chinatown. It might be worth your time if you have a car, but I wouldn't do it using transit if you are only here for a few days. It does get extremely crowded as the night wears on and parking gets more difficult, if that is an issue. We've always been lucky and managed to park in the attached lot rather than in the neighbouring ones. I would not be happy walking along the dyke road after dark.

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      You're safer walking along the river dyke road after dark if you have several bamboo food skewers ;-)

    2. Please note that the Night Market is only open Fri-Sun nights.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. Thinking we'll play it by ear and maybe catch it at tail end of our trip (the last Friday or Saturday) as it doesn't sound like a "shouldn't be missed experience." On another note, based on the reviews on this board (particularly, yours grayelf and fmed, we will be hitting Kimura for omakase this Saturday, which I am pretty excited about. Thanks for the recommendation.

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          Do let us know what you think of Kimura. Just be sure to go in a relaxed frame of mind (your dinner will take at least two hours) and dress for warm weather cause it's toasty in there this time of year. Hope you got seats at the bar!

        2. If you do go to the Night Market, you absolutely must try the dragon's beard candy. Amazing amazing stuff.

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            You can buy Dragon's beard candy at a small stall in Parker Square food court. Open all year long. I will have to get a fix on my next trip.
            By the way when will it close up for the winter.

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              Hey yimster! Long time.

              The last day for the RNM is Sep 18.

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                Thanks for the information. I hope to return soon to visit. I can now drive long distances again.