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Aug 22, 2011 10:26 AM

Cabinets-Liner or Not

My kitchen remodel is almost finished and I have a ton more cabinets. But, do I want to go through the trouble and expense of adding you use liner or not?

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  1. After our remodel we only used liners in the cabinet where we store our drinking glasses and our pot and pan drawers. Lining the other cabinets and drawers just seemed like a waste of time and $$$.

    1. Nah, never have. No idea why, but it just seems like a step that isn't needed. My grandmother would probably have a heart attack if she saw that.

      1. Yeah, original kitchen had 'em in all cabinets, but I just didn't see the need, so with the remodel, they're all gone.

        1. what do you mean by liner? Is this something the cabinet maker does?

          As an inheritance from my mother I place simple cotton towels in each cabinet that stores drinkware and plates and such. I wouldn't feel comfortable otherwise, but that's just me. Every decade or so :) they get washed.

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            No, but I wish the cabinet maker did. When I was a kid my mother used contact paper, but there are products out there now that are much easier to use. I like your choice of cotton towels.

          2. No liners here. We make sure everything is dry before putting away.