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Aug 22, 2011 10:15 AM

R.I.P. McCourt's Farm to Table


A Montco attorney friend of mine asked if I had ever heard of "Mc Court's Farm Table" restaurant. I asked if he meant Mc Court's Farm to Table in Hatboro and he responded affirmatively. I asked, "Do you mean the one with the player piano and the $36 crab cake?"

It seems that the venture met its demise in July for several months of non-payment of rent resulting in eviction amidst a very messy lawsuit.

Maybe they should have been called Mc Court's Farm to Table to Court. Did anyone else ever get there to try the three colors of remoulade or the $45 filet mignon?


  1. Never got there, but was involved in the original thread after they announced their opening and, subsequently, opened. Certainly sounded like a good idea, but the execution was sloppy and expensive. I don't celebrate any entrepreneur's failure, but several posters on that thread seemed to predict their demise.

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      Farmdoc, after reading the initial post it is interesting to see your about face. Also interesting is to hear that you had never been there. Sorry they could not provide a service that people wanted at a price customers were willing to pay. Nothing unusual about a restaurant failure and nothing noble about being an entrepreneur.

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        I never made it there, but one of the biggest things that turned me off from trying it were some of the comments that the owner made on the original thread to anyone who had anything negative to say about the place. Most of them were deleted by moderators soon after they were put up, but if you subscribed to the thread you were emailed them. I can understand being defensive, but he was basically attacking people. A better strategy would have been to address the complaints and say how you could do better next time.

        The relatively high prices for food that I could have made myself didn't help either. I don't mind paying extra, but it has to be something interesting or unique to draw me in. I think that they were right in that Hatboro is probably ready for something a little more young / upscale, but they missed the mark this time.

        1. re: gjd131

          Yes, I did notice the same thing. Rookie mistake indeed!

      2. The story I heard was they were undercapitalized, spent more than they expected on renovations of the space, and had to change the menu to adapt to the price point customers were willing to pay. I didn't get there myself, though I support any suburban farm to table concept. The partners were running their first restaurant so it sounds like they made some rookie mistakes.

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        1. The original comment has been removed