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Aug 22, 2011 09:26 AM

30" Viking Dual Fuel Range

At the risk of flogging a dead horse, I am seeking some advice. I've had a 30" all gas Wolf range for about 3 years, am moving and have to leave it behind. I thought I would take this opportunity to upgrade to the dual fuel model as I have been disappointed in the heating time and some performance issues with the oven. I do miss having the extra features offered in the dual fuel model as well. Wolf is having a Canada wide 'sale' right now so it's also a good time to purchase. After going to various showrooms and speaking to a few different salespeople, I am now considering the Viking VDSC530T-4B ( range. This is tough for me to swallow as I have always been a Wolf fan, so I thought I would seek the Chowhound community's help.

Anybody out there have this Viking range? Pros & Cons? Likes & Dislikes?

Admittedly, my only hang up is with the brand. I never even considered a Viking after checking them out and reading about assorted issues online prior to my last purchase (3 years ago). After looking and fiddling with the two side by side in the showroom, I am not so sure anymore. The features are almost identical, save for the burner design, and I like all my burners to be the same output - just my preference - score 1 for the Viking. The Wolf has a lower output burner on the rear left, while the Viking has 4 identical burners. The Viking has a larger capacity oven than the Wolf, and the Wolf cooktop looks pretty shrunken with almost 2 extra inches of stainless crowding the cooktop.

I think I've got myself convinced, but would love to hear about other folks' experience with this product.

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  1. Go with the brand that has a better service reputation in YOUR area.

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        I used a 48 Viking at a friends vacation house for a week. I was extremely unimpressed with the ovens. They took forever to preheat , 30 plus minutes to 400, and then took forever to rebound once you put something in the oven. The range top portion was fine and was comparable to my Capitol culinarian. The range was impressive in looks, but I would call the ovens subpar