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Aug 22, 2011 07:59 AM

Has anyone else gotten rid of their ice cream maker?

Two years ago, I purchased an ice maker from WS, I believe it is a Cuisinart. It is the type that has bowl you keep in the freezer.

For two summers, I have made multiple batches of ice cream. I have no issue with how the machine performs. I like the final product but don't know if it is worth the effort.

My issue is with the time and effort required to produce a batch of ice cream.

If I want to have ice cream for Saturday, I need to start on Friday night. The time it takes to shop for ingredients (I don't keep cream, chocoalte, vanilla beans and such on hand), start the base, cool the base, run the machine, put the ice cream into the freezer (I like my ice cream frozen, not like soft serve) etc makes me think just grabbing a tub is easier.

Maybe I am lazy or maybe I just don't love ice cream enough. I also resent the amount of space the bowl takes up in the freezer. I am thinking of offering it to my aunt.

Anyone else have little love for their ice cream maker?

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  1. Mrs. Doc was ambitious a few years ago and got a unit like yours. She even ordered a second freezer bowl. After the first few weeks she lost interest. It was on a new years eve a few years back that I came upon I believe a chow tip. Use the freezer bowl to keep a batch of Margarita's chilled for a party without causing any dilution due to ice melting. Just make sure to use a plastic ladle so as not to scratch the bowl. The drinks were delicious for the duration of the blend. Even if you no longer make ice cream, keep the machine.

    1. Yup!

      Turns out ice cream is just one of those things I'd rather buy than make. And it did take up a lot of room for something I was only compelled to use twice. I got rid of my ice cream maker 15 years ago and have never looked back.

      1. I'm lazy to the point of never even buying one - if I want to make a frozen treat I just whack together semitfreddo or use an ice-crushing blender for instant sorbet/granita.

        1. For me, the problem was generating enough freezer space for the bowl. I would always have to rearrange the stuff in the freezer so I could put the bowl in there for a day or so. When I was done with a batch, I'd put the box of soft ice cream in the freezer in the same place where the bowl had been.

          Now, however, I just keep the bowl in the freezer all the time. When I generate enough freezer space to store a box of ice cream (I use those semi-disposable/reusable storage boxes from Ziploc or Glad), I'll whip up some ice cream base and put it in the fridge to cool. The next day, I run the ice cream maker, transfer and store the ice cream, wash the bowl before it's even completely warmed up, and pop it back into the freezer.

          (I've also found that it's a lot cheaper to buy cream in a half gallon carton from Costco than in a 1 pint carton from the grocery store.)

          MY problem is that Krups no longer makes this ice cream maker, nor makes parts for it. When the dasher breaks (I'm on my third now), I suspect I'll have to buy a different brand of ice cream maker.

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          1. re: ricepad

            I may have a replacement for you. Our bowl broke, and I noticed yesterday the motor is still in the cabinet. I presume the dasher is too.

            1. re: odkaty

              really? I'm interested...kusotare (at) juno(dot)com

              I'm interested in the motor and cover, too, if you still have those parts!

          2. While making chocolate or vanilla from scratch has an element of romance to it, I don't usually waste my time on those. I do enjoy making flavors that I can't readily purchase, especially sorbets (e.g mojito sorbet with blueberries). Also nice to add my own raspberries and blueberries to the mix when they start popping up (chocolate/raspberry has been a favorite combination of mine).