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Aug 22, 2011 07:19 AM

Kosher in Jersey City. Please help!

Will be in Jersey City with my kids tomorrow ... Need advice on any kosher food in the area!

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  1. Not so sure how helpful this would be with your kids - also, I have never been but I've heard good things:

    Sapthagiri Grill
    804 Newark Avenue

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    1. re: Kosher Critic

      I guess it is better then nothing - Thank you for the information.

      1. re: Kosher Critic

        Is this under rabbinical supervision?

      2. I live in Jersey City and it is unfortunately a kosher-food desert. Try contacting either of these links for more information:
        Orthodox synagogue in Jersey City Heights

        a very good community resource

        The information about Sapthagiri is correct. Indian food, vegetarian, kosher. Always appears busy. Have not been there myself but have also heard very good reports.