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Aug 21, 2011 10:27 PM

Chic and Modern restaurant for dinner in Brussels

Hi All,

It'll be my hubby and my first time visit to Brussels.
I'm looking for a chic and modern restaurant with some innovative or creative presented dishes for our dinner last night in Brussels.

Some foodies here suggested Bon-Bon, the restaurant does look good, but it's over our budget... =(
My budget is around €50-60 each, excluding beverages.
I also found Flaneries Gourmandes, but I'm hesitate as there is few comments about this and I'm not sure the price of their fixed price menu.

So, could anyone provide some recommendation please?~


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  1. You might enjoy Lola, which is on the Place du Grands Sablon - an easy place to reach and where we stayed in June. Lola is very modern and the food is creative and interesting. I think you could eat there and stay within your budget. I don't think our dinner cost more than €70 or £80, excluding beverages. The women next to us said it was their favorite place in Brussels and one was a local.

    Do book ahead as it's very popular and always crowded. It reminded me of many places in NYC or London.

    1. Try brasserie Jaloa or le Fourneau, both on place Sainte-Catherine (this area has many so-so places which cater to the passing tourist trade). If the setting is more important than the food, have a look at Belga Queen in rue Fossé aux Loups. Websites will give you some idea what to expect.

      For the first two, best to reserve.

      1. Thanks zuriga and kerriar for your information!
        Will search more info of these restaurants =)