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we are in Santa Fe tonight thru Thursday and looking for the best regional cooking in town. Any suggestions?

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  1. What price range for entrees?

    Have you looked for thread here - there are many asking and answered along the same lines.

    1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/794264



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        Thank you. Yes had reviewed them all. Searching for authent New Mexico and have come up with a few. Last night went to Atrisca and it was very good. Great chilis.

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          This is Mexican but really good:


      2. I really liked The Shed, Its downtown near the Plaza.

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          La Choza is owned by the same people and locals prefer it.

          La Choza Restaurant
          905 Alarid St, Santa Fe, NM 87505

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            Oh yea! La Choza is definitely preferable to the Shed.

            La Choza Restaurant
            905 Alarid St, Santa Fe, NM 87505