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Aug 21, 2011 09:01 PM

Auckland trip report

Me and friend spent the weekend in Auckland. We were really lucky with the weather (which made just about everything nicer!) and for a really great time. Here are a couple of places we tried.

Harbourside: We started here for lunch on Friday, a work lunch with about 7 of us. It was a beautiful day and we sat on the balcony overlooking the harbour. The food was pretty amazing too. For starters there were oysters,that were quite nice. Others around the table had seard scallops and they looked good. I had Roast King Salmon with a crayfish ravioli and saffron sauce (it comes with pickled zucchini too but I can't eat zucchini), the Salmon was cooked perfectly, the ravioli was tender and the sauce was light, airy and amazing. Other dishes at the table were, fish and chips, king prawns and paella, everyone seemed to enjoy. I didn't have any, but the desserts looked beautifl and were met with happy sounds so probably pretty good.

SPQR: Dinner on Saturday night, there were two of us. We started with the Mini Platter, featuring prosciutto, feta and tomatoes as well as a dish of Steamed Mussels lemongrass, coriander & chunky tomato broth, both were really tasty. The mussels stood out, the broth was nice and the mussels were fresh and big. For a main we shared Scampi Tail Linguini, garlic, chilli, Italian parsley & lime this was outstanding. The pasta itself was really good (not sure if it was homemade but it had a great texture) and the sauce had the right amount of balance of spice and garlic.

We also spent an afternoon at Waiheke island at a few of the wineries including Mudbrick and Te Whau, unfortunately we didn't plan it righ to have lunch at either of these, but wish we did. The atmosphere was just beautiful and the food looked amazing (next time!)

We also spent a fair amount of time by the Viaduct. We had drinks out in the sun one evening and brunch one morning--fantastic views!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Auckland is one of my favourite cities!!

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      Thanks miniggs, it was my first visit and couldn't have been any nicer!

    2. Glad that someone finally wrote about Harbourside, which I thought was a great restaurant but often overlooked.

      I lunched there a while back but still reminisce about the pleasant atmosphere, good food & stellar service I experienced.

      My entree was fantastic - a trio of grilled hapuku, salmon & kingfish. And the dessert of kiwifruit & pineapple glace on an eggy brioche was simply out of this world!

      The table next to mine was a Japanese tour group of about 10 people & they ordered whole lobsters, etc. I noticed Harbourside even had the forethought to provide chopsticks & bowls of steamed rice for them!

      Address details
      Harbourside Seafood Bar & Grill
      1st Floor, The Ferry Building
      99 Quay Street
      Auckland 1010
      Tel: +64 9307 0486

      Harbourside Seafood Bar & Grill
      Ferry Bldg, Auckland, Auckland 1010, NZ