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Aug 21, 2011 07:55 PM

Loads of ganache!

I catered a wedding last night and have left over milk chocolate ganache (2 parts chocolate to 3 parts cream), about 3 pounds of it. It is far to soft to make truffles or chocolate candies, but was hoping someone might have an idea of something I can make with it. I've thought of chocolate mousse, but that's hard to give away to people, and I don't want to eat it all myself :)

Any ideas?

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  1. Make truffles.

    Cover and refrigerate the ganache until firm. Scoop and roll into small balls, then roll them in some espresso powder and/or chopped nuts. Truffles can be refrigerated for a couple of weeks or else frozen for a couple of months.

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      It's WAY too soft for that. I've had it in the fridge since last night and it drips off a spoon, straight from the fridge. When I do truffles I reverse the ratio, but it needed to be fondue soft at room temp for the event.

      I added peanut butter and graham cracker crumbs to some and stuck it in the fridge hoping it will firm enough to roll into any kind of shape (like chocolate mixed into a buckeye, I guess). My other thought was to mold truffles, since the runny texture would hold up inside the tempered shells, but I tempered chocolate last week for dipped truffles for the same event, and am done with tempering chocolate for a while.

    2. You can make brownies in muffin cups and put a dollop of chocolate ganache in the middle before baking. It's almost like a molten chocolate cake. I like to add vanilla ice cream when it comes out of the oven, but that won't work if you give them away. But, they're decadently good cold, too.

      You could also beat it and make frosting out of it. Dip bananas in it , then nuts and then freeze. Use it in ice cream cake. Add it to cheesecake. Make hot chocolate (though it's probably too hot right now for that).

      1. Maybe you could give away wide mouth jars of it, with some pound cake cubes, strawberries, etc.

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          Then you could heat it and you'd have an awesome chocolate fondue. I love to do chocolate fondue w/ sliced bananas, raspberries, and pound cake chunks. Pretzels are fun to dip too.

        2. I'd mix it into coffee, put it on ice cream, put it in baked good etc.
          Make awesome hot chocolate. Make awesome hot chocolate and then freeze it.
          Make ice cream!

          1. In Bittersweet, there is a recipe for super soft ganache which is frozen, rolled into balls, and then dipped in chocolate. The inside stays soft and creamy. You eat them out of the fridge. You do not need to temper the choc coating. They are great!

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              I was thinking freezing them and making balls would have a lot of good uses, like this one. Or, you could wrap cookie dough around it and bake, just make sure it's well wrapped. Drop them into a cheesecake before baking. Wrap puff pastry or pie/tart crust around it and bake.