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Aug 21, 2011 07:43 PM

Oakwood burger Vancouver

I had heard you could get your burger cooked to order at this new Kits place. An early dinner foray a week and a half ago proved disappointing, however. The room is quite lovely and inviting (see bad pix below for an idea) and the service was welcoming. The burger, however, was not to my taste. It was served medium at my server's suggestion, which felt overcooked to me. The meat was quite bland, with no char or anything. I believe it was ground shoulder. Tomatoes were not top quality, light pink in colour with no flavour. I wasn't a fan of the sweet pickles they used but that was easily remedied by removing them. And the alfalfa sprouts just melded with the shredded deep fried onions on top into a soggy mass that infiltrated the bun, very quickly causing a serious structural integrity breach. This meltdown might be mitigated if the bun were toasted rather than served cold. The poppy seeds on what I gather is a bun made in house daily were also stale which left a bad taste later, if you know what I mean. The fries were rather listless, no crunch despite the dark colour so maybe the fryer was not up to full steam. I am sad about this burger bust as this place is very near me and has quite a nifty selection of decent local suds on tap, plus Guinness. I am hoping to hear from other Hounds that this was a one off. For $16, I need a little more satisfaction :-)

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  1. The twitterverse seems to like the burgers at this place (though that really isn't saying much). Alfalfa sprouts on a burger - hm.

    Re: bland meat...I find that with so many of the patties served here. The only ones that I have had that really tasted "Beefy" are the ones from refuel and HSG.

    1. I ate here yesterday, your burger sounds like it might have been an off-day a little bit. I thought the burger was good, could have been a little beefier, but it was good and very juicy and had a good char. I asked for it medium and that's how it arrived, nice and pink in the middle. The problems, in my opinion, are mainly the burger's toppings.
      I liked the taste of the bun, but it couldn't handle the burger and topping and fell apart quickly. I ate most of the burger with a knife and fork! Not a fan at all of the mayo, alfalfa sprouts or the fried onion strips on the burger. Especially the mayo as there was a truly ridiculous amount of it on the top and bottom buns. No wonder it fell apart.
      Fries were great though! Perfectly salted and crunchy, and I loved the garlic dipping sauce and the house made (?) ketchup

      1. Apparently The Oakwood is no longer able to cook their burgers to order: