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Aug 21, 2011 06:18 PM

Solo @ Arzak

Hey folks... heading to Bilbao for work in a few weeks and would like to give Arzak a shot but I'll be traveling alone. I don't usually mind dining alone at home but not really sure how that's looked upon in Spain. Thanks.

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  1. No problem; over the years, I have dined alone at Arzak three times. Just go and enjoy yourself. Don't bring any reading material; there is plenty to observe and take in, just like theatre. It is a very informal and you will be warmly welcome.

    1. You won't have a problem, nor will you be made to feel uncomfortable. Beside if you have for ex; an I-Phone or an I-Pad with you and begin to feel bored waiting for your courses you can always be entertained with the aforementioned or catch up on work. Heck, I've seen people in restaurants seated with their families and some rather be texting or looking at youtube etc.

      Don't sweat the small stuff and have a great lunch or dinner at Arzak. Enjoy.

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        I dined at Arzak as a single female diner and felt very comfortable. I actually thought they took extra care of me and the Arzaks stopped by my table several times as gave me a kitchen tour.

      2. Thanks guys. Looking forward to this one.