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Aug 21, 2011 06:06 PM

Palace Royal: NE Philadelphia

This Glatt Kosher (Russian chef) restaurant/catering hall is remarkably good, and reasonably priced.

Tonight the musicians were playing some show tunes as well as Russian/Yiddish favorites; service is friendly, extensive menu, and the food is great. Our son-in-law and I chose grilled ribeye, med rare, and it was nicely spiced, and cooked just as we had ordered. Tasty grilled veggies as a side, sil ordered homefried potatos as well--we sure did enjoy. Not bad for $20, no?

Our grandson's Bar Mitzpha is being held there in September--I urged our daughter to consider
this place, and I know she will be glad she did. The Sunday luncheon will include table service; tasty appetizers/salads, and choice of main dish, as well as a green vegetable/dessert.
Daughter would not be pleased if I mentioned how little her choice for the 'bronze' luncheon will cost, but no question this is a find. Lively Russian decor--warm and inviting.

I want them to stay in business, so am encouraging all who might be in Philly or neaby to consider
them for a meal, or to cater a special function. I am also ordering Shabbos trays for family meals
at our daughter's new home. Check them out on their website:

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  1. I'd love to check them out, as I have to host a large gathering of old (almost 40 years ago) college friends in Philadelphia this year, BUT the website you list is for sale.

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        I was there last night with my husband and another couple. We were very unimpressed. To start with , they did not have have of what we ordered, no lamb shanks, no seafood crepes, no lamp kebabs,no beef flatbread. My friend asked for salad instead of a starch instead. I asked for salad instead of vegetable as I don't like zucchini. The waiter said they don't substitute. After the waiter came back saying that he didn't have half of what we ordered ,he let us have the substitutions(which should not have been a problem to begin with) Three of us ordered the beef and chicken kebabs instead. The beef was not good, had an off, gamey taste too it. My husband ordered chicken with a mushroom sauce, was served one small chicken cutlet. We were very disappointed.

    1. BTW...
      I did some googling and found the website is

      the place and concept look interesting and I'll check them out in person next month, but I do not understand their Diamond catering package that includes:
      SHRIMP with Mango????????????????

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        With the Keystone K as their hechsher, I'm quite sure the "shrimp" is the fake type. These days, I imagine it's like saying ice cream is a dessert at a fleishig restaurant; no one is going to suspect that it's dairy ice cream if the hechsher is a well-respected one. Everyone knows there are parve versions.

        1. re: queenscook

          Because they were quite clear to state that the Crab in their salad was fake, but didn't say anything about this I question it.

          I haven't lived in Philadelphia in 39 years and am not really familiar with Keystone K, that;'s why I ask questions.

          1. re: bagelman01

            The Keystone K was founded about 10 years ago and is the mainstream hasgacha in Philly. It ended many years of insane infighting among rabbinate. At one point i think Philly had 6 kosher restaurants under five different hashgachot.

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              I'll send the comments on Keystone K, it is supported by the big shuls in Bala Cynwyd & Elkins Park (LMS, YI of the Mainline, YI of Elkins Park).

              1. re: vallevin

                While we (hubby and me) are not observant, our daughter is very strict about Hechshers, and the standard here is considered totally acceptable by their
                Rabbi at Ahavas Torah. The backstory is that the chef/owner was a chef in Russia, but not observant. He became strictly observant, and knew they had to meet the highest standards of Hecksher certification. But, the recipes and the style is related to the gourmet Russian cooking they used to do in Russia.

                It tells you something about the quality, that we, who are used to non-Kosher
                standards of excellence have been most pleased with this particular restaurant, as we were with Max and David's, which is also excellent. But, Palace Royale is more informal in style, and more relaxing to us, as well as very reasonable pricewise.

                A word to the wise; the location, in a strip mall in the 97oo block of Bustleton Ave, just behyond the Bustleton and Bowler fire station, is quite dumpy; poor signage, almost hidden amongst its neighbors. But, inside a different matter: very Russian, old country feel, with pizzaz. We want them to succeed; they need word of mouth praise. Very friendly and welcoming.