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Aug 21, 2011 04:47 PM

Cartel Street Food?

Anybody try this new place on crescent? Sounds interesting but...

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  1. will be in area midweek and will be happy to give it a try, according to web -high quality ingredients, tacos, satays, authentic Brussels French Fry at a reasonable price...

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    1. re: mangoannie

      Where did you find that info? All I see is a placeholder.

        1. re: mangoannie

          Thanks for the link. It's an intriguing concept, but I'm having a hard time figuring out it's supposed to come together.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            I rolled my eyes at the storefront of this place when I passed the first time: trying to serve all that is great about local street foods in a single establishment seems like it lacks restaurant experience and general awareness of tastes. This article makes me feel pretty good about the idea. Lord knows crescent needs a change (and Montreal needs street food), but I think advertising the satay, tacos, and fries on the outside of the building in large letters will repel most discerning diners.
            Good luck to them - I honestly hope they pull it off, both for their wellbeing and mine..

          2. re: mangoannie

            A few problems with stuff stated in that article.

            1) Why is there no good food on Crescent Street?

            Ever heard of walking a couple of blocks? Like Toronto, the world doesn't end at Crescent Street's boundaries.

            2) “Instead of serving a grass fed steak for $800,” said Sanchez. “You can get a grass fed beef taco for $4.50.”

            Really? $800 for a steak? The Crescent Street Merchant's Association must be lying through its teeth when they scream blue murder about losing F1 and NASCAR if they can charge those prices.

            3) “Montréal doesn’t need another restaurant,” said Sanchez. “So if you’re going to come into Montréal, you need to do something that people have a hard time finding.”

            What city can't do with another resto? Let me think..... oh.... MONTREAL! How about finding a crab shack downtown (or anywhere on the island........ sigh)

            On the upside I have to give them props for not opening yet another Italian, Lebanese or Greek establishment, of which this city has more than its share of.

            1. re: Haggisboy

              I'm only interested in one thing:
              Is it good?

              1. re: SourberryLily

                I'm only interested in one thing:
                Is it good?

                Amen! too much nattering on this board sometimes, got to get down to what's really important.

              2. re: Haggisboy

                You can never have too many heath food restaurants but I agree that a crab shack would serve us nicely.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I went over to try it only to find out it only opens on the 29th. Took a picture of the menu (which i wont post cause theres a reflection of me on it )
            Theres a taco section which consists of

            Beer Battered Fish tacos 4.5$
            Taco Carnitas 4.5$
            Short rib taco 4.5$
            Taco carne asada 4.5$
            Duck taco 4.5$
            Shrimp Taco 5$
            Guacamole 7$
            All on homemade tortillas


            Alabama BBQ pulled pork bun 5.5$
            Charlevoix burger 9$
            Bacon Swiss burger 8.5$
            Maui Tuna burger 11$
            Lobster Roll market price (1,000,000$) :>
            Fried Clams 9.5$


            Bangkok Beef Satay 3$
            Kuala Lumpur Chicken satay 3$
            Tokyo Chicken yakitori 3$
            Pork Belly bao 5$
            Chicken karaage 4.5$


            Green papaya 6$
            Tuna and seaweed 12$
            Mozzarella di buffala 12$
            Mesclun green with miso and ginger 6$

            Belgian Fries 4$


            Maple syrup pie 5$
            Dulce de leche Cheesecake 7$
            "real" key lime pie 7$

            While it sounds promising the location is what makes me think otherwise, but you never know! Will try asap and let you guys know how it is.

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            1. re: jay_81k

              Putting fried clams on the menu is definitely a start in the right direction.

              1. re: Haggisboy

                And fish tacos! Thanks for posting the menu, Jay_81k.

              2. re: jay_81k

                Thanks for doing that, Jay. Extensive and affordable...

                It leaves me thinking it's a challenge to pull off such a diverse menu (lots of prep! lots of different directions in cooking...)

                But a Cuba Libre with sugar cane Coke? I'm so there.

                1. re: jay_81k

                  I'm loving that menu, thanks for posting!

                  1. Menu sounds delicious. Does David Chang get paid a royalty everytime his recipe is copied :D? That's 2 places in Montreal alone lol..

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                    1. re: Evilbanana11

                      David Chang did not invent gua boa. It's Taiwanese street food.

                      1. re: SnackHappy

                        The restaurant is already open, you probably caught them when they were closed because they do not open for lunch yet. Yes the quality of the food is excellent but it is too good to be true. The prices, at a glance seem reasonable, but the portions are incredibly small. We are talking two minuscule pieces of meat on a stick (smaller than your pinky finger) for a satay. Everything follows suit; to actually order enough to make it close to a meal you are paying over 20$ and that is excluding drinks, which mostly cost over 10$. The food tastes good but there is simply not enough. The restaurant needs to change portion sizes to do well. As it stands now they do not serve enough to customers to call it a restaurant and the prices make it extremely expensive bar food.

                        1. re: augero

                          Well if it's called street food then I would assume it's small portions. Some stuff are priced higher which probably means the portion is bigger as well. We'll have to see when people try the whole menu.

                          Personally I never eat that much, restaurants usually gives you plates so big you can't eat the whole thing anyway, let alone have space for desert. Not everyone eats like a big trucker guy =P So for me I welcome this type of restaurant.

                          Get a couple tacos, then a delicious key lie pie, all down with a Cuba Libre, yes!

                        2. re: SnackHappy

                          "David Chang did not invent gua boa. It's Taiwanese street food" - People are getting so confuse about (but they can be excused when "professional" food critics like MC Lortie peddle such fallacies…)

                          "Finally fish tacos in Montreal" There been fish tacos on the Icehouse menu the whole summer - two tacos (with a lot of fish, way more than filler) for 9$ (or 8$). This also brings a question regarding tacos: 4.5$ is for one taco right?

                      2. finally, fish tacos in montreal!

                        I know where Im eating lunch today.

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                          1. re: SourberryLily

                            I made a mistake, it was already open for dinner, its only opening for lunch the 29th

                          2. re: OliverB

                            Oliver don't forget it's not open for lunch till the 29th!