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Aug 21, 2011 04:26 PM

What do Montrealers put their maple syrup in after they open the can? [moved from Quebec]

I am wondering what sort of containers monrealers store their Maple Syrup in once they open the car? Do you just leave it in the can, or do you have any favorite containers to store or store-and-serve this sticky delight of he Maple Forest?

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  1. We store ours in a glass decanter in the fridge!

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    1. re: Peaches to Poutine

      same here or sometimes clean jam jar with lid just for the storage

      Often though I buy it in bottles, by the way in front of marche bonsecours they sell some bottled maple syrup from the Eastern Townships, the girl selling it says it comes from the family farm. I bought some maple and nut biscotti made by her mother and some attractive bottled maple syrup for gifts when I travelled west recently. But it is always cheaper of course in the cans!

    2. I'm lazy, it stays in the can; it may get messy, it might dry out a little bit, but when I open a can, it will never stay unused for long!!!

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        From a recent trip to the province of Quebec I received maple syrup in can. Since it is very sweet, I store it in a glass jar in the freezer. That tip was given to me by the producer in la Beauce. Really it works.

      2. Maple syrup in a can, I've never seen such a thing here in Pennsylvania!

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          Screw-top rectangular can, like with canned olive oil.

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            Ah ok, I was picturing a can like canned vegetables!

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              It actually is sold in a can from the producer much like what you'd buy canned veggies in. With a triangular can opener (the type used for canned tomato juice) two holes are made in the top, one to pour it out and the other to let air in. If you haven't seen this in Pennsylvania it's because you're buying it in bottles. Once opened, just pour the stuff into any type of jar with a screw top of clamp down lid. No big deal.

                1. re: Haggisboy

                  Yep, Haggisboy, that is the exact can I have in my cupboard - and I open it as you described. It's actually my sister's, she uses it when she's staying over at the same time she's on her nutty maple syrup/cayenne/hot water fast. Should she be storing it int he fridge? We've never been harmed by not doing so, AFAIK.

          2. re: Rick

            (half joking here)

            maple syrup for the natives come in cans.
            maple syrup for tourists come in glass bottles.


          3. Anything I'd want to control the flow of, such as maple syrup or olive oil, I'd put in a bottle with an alcohol pouring spout. You can find them in any kitchen store.

            1. "Should she be storing it int he fridge? We've never been harmed by not doing so, AFAIK"

              Absolutely should be in fridge unless you're using it all up within days.

              Left out, it will almost surely get moldy - and the mold YOU SEE is only the tip of the iceberg - the whole batch already has the mold - you are only seeing the 'flowers' on top. So there is no point just skimming and then even boiling the rest, etc. It should ALL be DUMPED.

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              1. re: jounipesonen

                What is your source for claiming that the syrup must be discarded? The Maple Syrup Cookbook (Ken Haedrich, Storey Publishing) explains that even refrigerated syrup can eventually grow mold. It says to strain the syrup through cheesecloth, bring it to a boil, then after cooling, refrigerate it in a clean glass jar, where it will last indefinitely.

                The book also advises against prolonged storage in a can, which will impart a metallic taste, not to mention risking rusting and leakage. It says not to store it in plastic for more than 6 months since plastic breathes, which can result in changes in color and flavor.

                I love maple syrup but use it sparingly. It lasts me for years, though I do have to do the mold removal treatment from time to time.