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Aug 21, 2011 04:01 PM

What's the attraction/Olive Garden

Attended a party at the Olive Garden in Peabody. the place had a 1/2hr wait at 12-why? The food is a "chain" quality, plates were hot because they are probably sitting under heat lites, bread tasted like flavored wonder bread, salad, is just salad, and I didn't think the prices were any bargin. glad I didn't have to pay. First and last time I'll be there

Olive Garden
8 Allstate Rd, Dorchester, MA 02125

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  1. I used to travel for work with a team of six or seven people. I made it my mission to hunt out local places. We would still end up at the "OG" once or twice. You have to understand everyone is not a Chowhound. I stuck to the Salad and bread sticks because the tour of Italy (which most ordered) is a calorie nightmare.

    1. One of the reasons why Chowhound exists is because even if people can understand why this is, they will never be able to identify with it.

      1. I have a number of friends who dine regularly at our local OG and absolutely love it. My best guess as to why is the predictability of the food and the large portions. As chris2269 noted, not everyone is a CH and what constitutes a great eating experience varies widely. I also think that one of the appeal of chains for people is that they know what they are getting from location to location. No surprises.

        I occasionally get dragged along for lunch and it isn't awful, IMO, it just isn't my preference. The AYCE soup and salad is a good value and I can always find something to eat.

        1. I have one rule about OG...never, ever wait for a table. (well, I feel that way about a lot of places, mostly cause when I'm hungry I can get cranky). I do like OG a bit. I've only been there twice in the last 10 years and I have to say, I enjoy it. The mushroom ravioli...and the lemon crunch cake...they're both pretty good. I think people like OG because it's predictable and reliable. Cheap, not so much but people take comfort in the familiar.

          1. OG is a good alternative to Italian.

            They don't have much in common.