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Aug 21, 2011 02:58 PM

Top 5 South Florida Sandwiches?

Hey all,

I'm on an ambitious gastronomic quest and would love a little guidance from some locals. You can help me by answering the following:

If you could only have five more sandwiches in the Miami area for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Please try to limit them to sandwiches that we could all purchase (i.e. not something that your grandmother makes once a year). Otherwise, you can be fairly liberal in what you decide to count as a sandwich - burger, taco... perhaps even a pork bun if you really feel strongly about it.

Feel free to give a bit of justification for your choices where appropriate.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Double Shack Burger - cooked rare - shake shack

    Cheesesteak at the Alibi

    Gyro at Keeses

    Bulgogi Burger - Dim Ssam a Go Go (for some reason, I like it better there than at sakya)

    McBelly - Pubbelly

    As an aside, the panino and/or montadito served at pubbelly are both usually excellent. However, they rotate sandwich types as well as sandwich content regularly so are excluded from consideration in the top 5.

    Go Go
    926 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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    1. re: tpigeon

      I agree with the McBelly at Pubbelly

      Although I have not had the shake shack in Miami just in NYC I think I preferred the Smokehouse Burger at 8 oz Burger Bar. There fries are just okay but that specific burger was delicious.

    2. sonnys steak hoagies hollywood
      primanti brothers ft laud and oakland park
      mr gyros plm bch gardens
      havana grille wst plm bch
      pan con lechon 2920 nw 17 ave miami

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      1. re: seminole phil

        I gotta try the pan con lechon. Thanks.

        1. re: tpigeon

          tpigeon the pan con lechon place aint open sundays and take out only, tamales are the best i ever had and we drive from loxahatchee for the sandwiches

          1. re: seminole phil

            thanks for the info. I did not go today.

            1. re: seminole phil

              They have seating in AC around the back at PAPO LLEGO Y PON...17TH AND 29TH St,.

              Pan con Lechon PAPO LLEGO Y PON
              Frita con Queso EL REY DE LAS FRITAS
              #90 with Cheese and a side of sauce SONNY'S STEAK HOGIES
              Turkey & Brie LA SANDWICHERIE
              Corqueta Preparada - Any good CUBAN JOINT

              1. re: netmover

                Eat the frita con queso at El Rey de las Fritas fifth because it may kill you.

          2. re: seminole phil

            Mr. Gyro needs to crank up his AC and quit using fans to account for his 80 degree cost saving setting. I walk out of there sweating every time.

            Not in Miami:
            any hero sandwich from Talia's Tuscan Table in Boca
            cheeseburger from Brass Ring in Lake Park or Grease Bar in WPB
            pulled pork BBQ from Smokehouse in Boca
            Chicago dog from HotDogOpolis in Boca
            al pastor taco from Montezuma in WPB

            1. re: seminole phil

              Johns Hero King . Hallandale ( bread par baked in Brooklyn)

              I fail to see the love affair with Primani's... only been to the one in Oakland park and Plantation. Pasty bread is pasty bread might as well eat @ Subway.

              Naans Bakery....Davie A stretch calling them sandwiches but a couple of the chicken dishes qualify.

              Lorenzo's market. NMB

              Georgia PIg ... Chopped Pork butt Plantation.

              Guiseppe’s Italian Sausage (Food truck)

              1. re: Bigstu99

                that was Noors bakery which is Lebanese as opposed to Naans which is Jamaican ....

              2. re: seminole phil

                Thanks for the tip. I finally got a chance to go this week. It was awesome and so was the juice and tamale.

              3. Michelangeo at Talia's Tuscan Table in Boca Raton.

                Herb Chicken Cutlet, Eggplant, Mozzarella & Roasted Peppers on Toasted Ciabatta.

                Calypso Cutter at Calypso Restaurant in Pompano

                Sautéed shrimp and mushrooms with fresh garlic butter, parsley and cheddar cheese stuffed into a warm hollowed out Kaiser roll.


                Crispy pork belly taco at El Jefe Luchador in Deerfield Beach (this is an occasional special
                )Tacos de Chicarrones - Crispy pork belly with ancho mango glaze, mango-cabbage slaw, avocado slice and fresco.

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                1. re: CFByrne

                  Chicarrones were great at el jefe but my favorite was the Tacos De Bulgogi. I did not include it because as a special you can't get it every day.

                  1. re: tpigeon

                    tpigeon - were those Korean barbecue tacos pork or beef? I found this recipe on Chow for a related dish...


                    1. re: CFByrne

                      Tacos de Bulgogi: grilled Korean beef short rib/ kimchee/ soybean paste

                      1. re: tpigeon

                        TP, you try the Cuban @ Tudor House yet? It's great

                        1. re: The Chowfather

                          Have not been to tudor house. I plan on rectifying that oversight this weekend. Thanks for the tip on the cuban.

                2. Are you really going to eat sandwiches in L.A., Chicago, the bay area, London, and Miami ? As you have posted this same question on all these boards.

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                    1. re: sdv231

                      What are you . . . a detective?! The guy said he is on a gastronomic quest!

                      1. re: BigBonesBradley

                        Not really. He's got this school project going on and the question is a subterfuge. He got caught when he forgot to change the location from "Bay Area" to "Chicago" in his cut-and-paste of the otherwise identically-worded question when he posted on the Chicago board.

                        1. re: huiray

                          I see that now. Well, great detective work then! Gastronomic quest . . . can't believe I fell for the oldest trick in the book! The Fork took some heat on the Chicago board.

                            1. re: tpigeon

                              I agree. It is a good question and I don't see the issue, problem with him asking it in other cities. Maybe these are his top cities to travel to on vacation.

                    2. Prosciutto Pami from Happy Wine
                      Vegetarian with everything from La Sandwicherie
                      Pan con Minuta from La Camaronera
                      Arepa Moon Burger from La Moon
                      Pork Buns from Sakaya Kitchen