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Aug 21, 2011 02:32 PM

Have you ever sent back scrambled eggs?

When I ask for my eggs to be scrambled, I don't expect perfection.

Perfection as in a plate of nice silky soft puddle of decadent barely cooked eggs where the white and yolk are mixed but not entirely incorporated so that parts of the white stay white and parts of the yolk remain nicely golden yellow. Y'know, creamy, but not runny.

But I also don't expect a disk that looks like a manhole cover that probably resembles more a frittata than scrambled eggs.

How badly does a restaurant have to botch scrambled eggs before you send them back?

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  1. Powdered eggs, but a manhole cover is a close second!

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    1. re: monavano

      Yes, those would be pretty much my criteria. If they crunch, they're a pancake or they taste powdered. Short of that, I'd pay and leave.

    2. Yeah I did once, because every bite I took had eggshells in it. I still shudder to remember. And I was so psyched that it had artichoke hearts in it.......I never send anything back, but this was over the top.

      1. Most restaurants serve a broken omelet instead of scrambled eggs as you describe them. That's why I rarely will order them at a restaurant. Worse still, they are often pre made and waiting for you a pot on the griddle....

        1. I REFUSE to eat "scrambled" eggs that are poured out of a milk carton into an egg ring, or worse just freehanded onto the grill,and left to solidify.

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          1. re: PotatoHouse

            My intuition is that any food purveyor who offers only omelets or scrambled eggs is pouring them out of a carton. Now, my own daily scrambled eggs are a broken omelet, and are made with equal parts fresh egg and Pasteurized Egg Product, but if I screw that up it's okay, I'll eat it anyway. But I'm not going to pay restaurant money for fried egg substance. That said, the only time I've been served that was on a Delta flight in 1970, and it was vile. But I'd been on the plane since 3 AM, so what the hell …

          2. My mother traveled the state of California for years ordering scrambled eggs at diners- largely, I think, to have something to gripe about. Eggs in cartons weren't so common then- the most common perversion was to fry the egg and chop it up. She eventually gave up traveling in favor of staying home and scrambling eggs.

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            1. re: oldunc

              Your mother and I must have something in common. Once I asked an egg 'chef' at her egg preparation station if she had ever heard of 'chopped eggs.' What a look she gave me. I had a stomach ache thereafter; never returning.

              DH will order an omelet often, but I don't think I've ever ordered a scambled egg since the 'chopped egg experience.'

              Before then, usually ordering 'scrambled eggs hard,' I sent many a scrambled egg back to the kitchen, only to be return like a hockey puck. I guess they showed me :-))