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Aug 21, 2011 02:28 PM

Pressure Cooker

Hopefully not just a show of hands... Pressure cooker, yes or no and why. On the other hand, we have an induction cooktop, any particular brand that is induction friendly.

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  1. Love ours! Haven't used it much lately, but I use it a lot in the winter rather than a slow cooker...I'm not awake enough in the morning to brown meat and get supper going, but I like to make corned beef and pot roast on the fly and it's great for stuff like that. I've also made a yummy thai shrimp rice dish in it that was quite successful. We have a Figor set, but I'm not sure what's available for induction.

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      Thank you. Fagor makes portable induction burners. (I guess, technically induction are not burners, but you get the picture. Most of their cookware is induction friendly and amongst the least expensive I've found


      Also, the Kuhn-Rikon Duromatics are excellent every day pots and pans that are fully induction-compatible even if you never remove the pressure lids from the drawer.

      1. One word. Stock!

        I use my PC for braised meats on occasion, do lots of beans in it. In fact that's what I use it for most but the biggest benefit is in making stock. One hour and you have stock that when cooled looks like jello. The bones when removed crumble between your fingers. You get a lot of extraction in such a short time. I was able to make about 12 cups of stock in two batches a few weeks back. My personal time was short. Dump ingredients in and after an hour dump out and strain, then onto the next batch.

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          1. I think someone posted on this board, not too long ago, about successfully using a Fagor pressure cooker on a portable induction burner. It may take a little searching, but if you can find it, it will also lead you to some other useful pressure cooker info.