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Aug 21, 2011 02:07 PM

Anyone finding HOT Hatch chiles around town?

Just got back from the Central Market, and this year their "hot chiles" pack as much punch as bell peppers. Weak and watery. Went to Fiesta and it was about the same. I may have to order online this year, but I thought I'd check and see if anyone has had any luck around town.

Central Market
4477 S Lamar Blvd Ste 100, Austin, TX 78745

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  1. I got some last week from Whole Foods on Lamar that were quite hot. Really, I almost wished I'd gotten a mix of the hot and mild so it'd have the heat with more of the chile flavor.

    1. the HEB near me (parmer/mcneil) is advertising their hatches as hot.

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        We got some from the Parmer/McNeil HEB yesterday and they are indeed hot. I think they have two different bins of them, one mild and one hot.

      2. Also got "hot" from CM today and they are as you describe. But got hot ones from HEB on Far West last week that were indeed hot. So hot that I was wishing there were a "medium" category.

        1. I bought some of hot hatches from CM north on Monday and roasted them on Friday, and they as hot as jalapenos (real jalapenos, not those big fake ones that have been going around). Perhaps they got the displays mixed up. I ask them year after year to separate the hots from the milds and put them across the isles from each other so people (and employees) can't throw them around and mix them up, but listening is cheaper than action, I guess.

          CM also has the cheapest at $.99/lb (price last Monday).


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            I got some hot ones from WF and holy hell they were like a blast furnace. I made a nice stew with them and I discovered a new diet trick. Make the food so gd hot you can't finish it. LOL

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              Correction - at least one HEB (#11) has them for $.88, but not a huge bin of them.

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                That's good to know. I was in a hurry and bought some roasted. They went almost directly to the freezer and I forgot to try them for heat. I'll be sure to check out the fresh ones before I go to too much trouble. Most years I buy my chiles while in New Mexico, mostly from a place just NW of Espanola. This year is just too damned hot to try to bring them back, even after enjoying some relatively decent temperatures. I would probably die of heat stroke trying to roast 4 bu of them in this heat.

                1. re: akachochin

                  I've done three batches (5-6lbs each) roasting over hickory and pecan flames so far this season. It's not too bad if you wait until the sun starts setting and use long-handled tongs. And wet down the hay(*) first. They only take about 4 minutes per grate-full (about 7-8 to a 22" grate). Then I grill the night's meat over the remaining coals.

                  (*) What was formerly known as "The Yard".


              2. Got some at Whole Foods last week; very hot and cheap.