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Aug 21, 2011 01:53 PM

Bumper crop of Peaches

This year we've had a bumper crop of peaches. They have been absolutely succulent eaten raw with all the juices running from the first bite. Aside from the delicious crisp, crumbles and melbas that cook the peaches, what are your deliciously inventive ways to enjoy fresh peaches?

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  1. Someone will probably tell you to search (like this one:, but not me!

    I'll just go ahead and suggest my favorite way to use fresh peaches (having my own peach tree myself, I speak from experience).

    Ice cream and sorbet. That's what I do with fresh, straight from the tree peaches (aside from eating them raw of course).

    1. Peach and tomato salad with red onion, hot pepper , fresh mint and a little sherry vinegar. Most beautiful with a mix of tomato colors.

      Cold peach soup: peaches, ginger, yogurt, maybe a bit of honey,immersion or regular blender.

      1. grilled + vanilla ice cream

        1. Lucky you!

          Peach-raspberry shortcakes

          Peach bbq sauce:
          (I haven't made the full recipe, just the sauce


          peach-mango salsa

          peach-almond french toast with peaches in maple syrup (recipe from Bobby Flay)

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          1. re: Chocolatechipkt

            I too have this 'problem' this year, although not from my own crop, bought a case of them and they are perfect.

            I am going to a dinner party tomorrow night and am wondering what I should do with them, the gang is Australian and are going nuts over peaches (not something they enjoy often over there). So I trying to figure out how to best showcase them.

            Any suggestions? I last made a peach and huckleberry gallette for them, and we had mixed berries and fresh peaches with ice cream.

            I have an ice cream maker, I was debating making a vanilla or dulche de leche ice cream with a warm peach sauce and candied nut (pecan, walnut???) or crumble.

            Open to thoughts.

            1. re: cleopatra999

              this recipe sounds great! But what kind of ice cream would I do (I don't want to do the cane syrup one)? Butter pecan, maple pecan or straight vanilla? It says can be made 2 hours ahead, do you think it would survive about 5 hours?