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Have you ever played a food trick on someone?

My older brother, Dummer Keg, is a trickster, since my youth. When I was 25, he killed a rubber tree plant w/ his shots of mescal, while feeding them to me. Damn near killed me. Scroll ahead 35 years. He and better half, came to visit us in Maine 2 years ago. I made a blended cream of asparagus soup for a light supper. In his portion, I mad e cream of asparagus serrano soup. Three of us merrily enjoying our soup and bro sweating, sniffling, hiccupping, etc. By the time he figured it out, we had a good laugh by all. Have you ever pulled a food trick?

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  1. Yes, on a friend who insisted, repeatedly, throughout years of knowing her, that she didn't like "curry". She admitted she had never had curry. She would not listen when I tried to tell her that the word "curry" can mean wildly different dishes in different cuisines etc. So, one day I made myself a Thai green curry with shrimp. She didn't think it was curry and ate it. Loved it. I told her it was curry. She got very angry and refused to ever eat 'curry' again, even the variety she had just said was delicious.

    I understood her being upset at being tricked, I probably would have been, too, but to then cut off her nose to spite her face? Ridic.

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      My story had a happier ending. During my college days, I made a Singaporean chicken curry for a couple of French classmates who'd said that they hated curry (after trying one once in an Indian restaurant somewhere), and served it to them without telling them it's curry. They absolutely LOVED it & totally changed their opinion of curries since. That was perhaps 25 years ago.

      When I visited them at their current home in Toulouse a few years back, I had to lug along almost 2 lbs of Alagappa curry powder, all the way from Singapore :-D

    2. Not since I was 8, and I SAID I'm sorry.

      1. Chocolate covered cottonballs= bon bons for dessert....can't tell until the hardened chocolate melts. I was young. Oh....to be 35 again.

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          Well, I am 45 but my 17 year old daughter and both think we have to try this one!

        2. My husband and I used to take Thanksgiving dinner out to my parents to cook there. My husband shot a quail. He hid the turkey and put the quail in the roasting pan. He told my dad, "Look at the size of the turkey I got this year, He took off the lid anf there was this tiny little bird. Funny!

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            Should have said: "Dad, look at what happens when the bird isn't sanfordized."

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              You have to be "of a certain age" to smile at that one! ; ) and I am!

          2. I didn't pull a trick on my mom - she did it to herself: I brought a sushi platter to our family Christmas dinner, and when she reached for the wasabi, I told her not to eat it, knowing she thought it was guacamole. Even if I could have stopped her (my arms were full) I wouldn't have, because the look on her face, and her tears afterward, were so funny I almost pee'd in my pants. (My mom is a brat, so this made it doubly funny, and I wasn't the only one laughing!)

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                So did mine...I half heartedly tried to stop her. Its been 20 years, but I can still see her lower palm pressed hard to her forehead, eyes rolling back, and a stifled wail coming out of her throat. Hehe.

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                I've been a party to doing this on purpose, but it was the same place where Thai papaya salad with the nasty little peppers gets passed out to the unsuspecting so you take your chances there.

              3. The cheap ramen noodles all college students eat come with salty, MSG-laden seasoning packets. Unscrew the showerhead, fill with ramen seasoning, and an unsuspecting roommate gets a hot soup shower. Hilarity ensues!

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                  1. Sister had a boyfriend who hated almost all food except pizza, spaghetti, and steak (well done, natch), and hated vegetablers even though he'd never tasted most of them. They were over for dinner once and my mom and I cut some of her gorgeous little Japanese eggplant into tiny cubes and added them to the spaghetti sauce, which boyfriend thought was just wonderful. Not so much a practical joke as a gotcha there.

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                      In high school we used to hang out at Lum's, which was owned by a family of a guy we went to school with. All the boys we hung out with worked there at one time or another. If one of we girls came in with a boy they didn't think too much of, they would add so much cayenne to his food he wouldn't be able to eat it. They didn't tell us until, I think, the ten year reunion. It explains a lot of teenage boys with suddenly infinitesimal appetites.

                    2. Yep, will share two episodes of sabotage with you. One trick was using an X-Acto knife and scoring the bottom of a fellow student's milk carton before he drank from it. And second, was taping single serve ketchup packets to the wheels of a colleague's office chair.

                      1. My husband is a vegetarian. I am not, but am happy to cook with decent meat alternative products. We have friends who insist they can always tell the difference between meat and substitutes, so I have felt compelled to see if that is true. This is something I do probably at least once a year, always with my husband's urging. (He is kinda naughty that way.)

                        Rarely have we been found out. The key is to get the right product and use it in the right recipe. Obviously garden burgers wouldn't be a good thing to try and fake someone out with, but using meatless crumbles in a spaghetti sauce is pretty safe.

                        My ex-SIL was pissed beyond words when my husband told her that we had faked her out one year. I mean, she was red-faced mad. I am not sure what the big deal was, other than she was embarrassed. I learned my lesson and am careful to gauge the humor of our victims now.

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                          A Vegan friend tried that on me but didnt work. We went to a restaurant without telling me its all vegetarian. I ordered some Taquitos. He said pretty good hu? Waiting for my reply I said, well it dosnt have any flavor, I cant taste the meat, its fried is some kind of weired oil and it dosent taste like a Taquito.

                          HA, HA my taste buds know better! Ironnicly or maybe to save face, he said maybe its a different chef today. Then told be what was up.

                          I wonder what he would do if I snuck meat into his mushrooms!

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                            I've had people try to do the same to me with mock meats, gluten, soy, etc. I grew up eating that stuff, so it hasn't worked so far.

                        2. One year when me and my brother were just kids, our Gran played a delicious April Fool's trick on us.

                          We were having breakfast. My brother had finished his but I was still eating, when my Gran bought out a boiled egg in an egg cup for my brother and insisted he ate it. My brother likes eggs and so he was happy, but I have always HATED eggs and now actually don't eat them at all. But my Gran insisted and so my brother got started whilst I sat there trying to finish the rest of my breakfast really slowly to put off having to eat egg!

                          Well, he tried to get started anyway! He hammered on that egg for ages and the shell would not break. After a little while a little light went off in his head and he picked up the egg and licked it..."It's sweet!", he declared. By this time I was interested, and taking the initiative I picked up my egg and took a bit, hard, bite. Ow! But it worked, I broke into it and it became clear that underneath the thick sugar shell there was solid chocolate! Delicious, and we didn't mind being tricked at all!

                          Of course, we did try and get our ownback. We were only young so it wasn't that clever, but we faked an incident involving a broken up polo (the white sweet with a hole in it) and my brother walking face first into a door. He was so clumsy at the time that it looked believable, and I remember that my mother was definitely concerned for his teeth! Of course, he then got a clip around the ear for causing trouble!

                          1. My mom tried to get me one April Fool's day back in the early 80's. She emptied the milk from the carton into a juice jug and replace the milk with water... hard to tell the difference when the inside of the carton was lined in white. Unfortunately for mom I was a nosy bugger and had to see what juice was in the fridge before I poured the water over my cereal.

                            I did leave the water for my younger brother and he did ruin his Cheerios that morning, Honey Nut Cheerios of course.

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                              Only tricks I ever did were for April Fool's - the standard one of replacing the filling of an Oreo with toothpaste....although this would work if you had a moocher who kept stealing your Oreos. Also did this to the grandkids this year - they are accustomed to drinking koolaid type drinks, kept in a translucent pitcher in the refrigerator. Replaced their drink with Jell-O, they got a good laugh out of it and no harm done.

                            2. Mine was April Fools also - when I was about 7 or 8 I filled the sugar bowl with salt knowing my dad never left the house in the morning without a cup of well-sugared coffee first. He was really angry and ready to smack me one but my mom protected me (and she could barely keep from laughing out loud).

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                                Yep, I played this exact trick on my parents on April first when I was about 12. Their routine was to drink tea and have toast in bed before getting up. Both of them were very pissed off and neither thought it was funny at all. I remember being crushed that my 'funny' joke bombed so badly, and also thinking my parents were ridiculous spoilsports.

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                                  my sister and i did this too, but "cleverly" she put a layer of sugar back over the salt, thinking that she might see that there was salt in the dish. turns out, my mom only uses a tiny bit of sugar in her tea. so, by the time she got to the salt, it was just in time for her to be cooking the Easter Sunday dinner for our entire family.

                                  i am still apologizing for that one...

                                2. hehehe good stories.

                                  When I was younger I hated mustard. (I know love it.)

                                  but my brother saw me taking a nap on the couch with my mouth open and squirted mustard in my mouth. I didn't wake up when he did it but when I finally did wake up mustard was everywhere even in my hair.

                                  I got him back one day my mom was frosting a white cake. I took a spoonful of crisco shortening and gave it to my brother and told him it was icing.

                                  1. To flush out thirsty freeloaders from parties during grad school, we'd break out the seafood pate(usually the crappiest cat food we could find--the stuff our cats wouldn't touch), nicely presented with fancy crackers, and offer it to the boozed-out clowns who'd overstayed their welcome by hours. Most never clued in and quickly left once they did.

                                    1. In a complete waste of time effort to get him to convert, I once fed my die hard meat eating "I'll never let tofu or any soy product pass my lips" husband tacos made with a soy filling I bought from www.DixieDiner.com the company that produces meat amalgams and soy based "health" foods etc. and rather tasty ones to boot; least wise the taco filling was. The stuff was a bit spicy with the texture of ground beef and the color of a basic taco filling. Mrbushy knew something was up, because I couldn't stop snickering.

                                      Unaware of it as I was at the time, the upshot was that soy products affect mrbushy is a rather unpleasant manner, and so we didn't do dixiediner tacos again.

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                                        Wow. I would never have fully trusted you to feed me again if I were Mr. Bushy.

                                      2. "Back in the day" my buddies and I would end up at our favorite late night pizzeria after too much beer etc.. We'd order a pizza pie and some cokes and try to get in shape to return home. We were 17-18 y/o and still lives with our parents. You could buy beer at 18 then (back in the day). Our friend, I'll call him Jack, put a slice on his plate and went off to find the "terlet" (Brooklynese for rest room).
                                        While he was gone we carefully lifted the cheese and slathered the pizza with garlic powder and crushed red pepper.
                                        Jack, his name actually was Jack, returned, ate the slice and never made a comment.
                                        The next day he mentioned "driving the porcelain bus" all night. "Anyone else get sick?" Nope!
                                        To this day it's been a secret. I'll find out if he reads Chowhound.

                                        1. When I was in third grade, I had a pet rabbit, named Thumper. One day a cat got to him and broke his leg. Then Thumper, "ran away", according to my parents. The following evening, we were eating my mom's famous and delicious fried chiken. My older brother was to my right and turned to me and said, "Mmm mmm, Thumper sure is delicious!" I jumped up crying and started beating him w/ my fists.

                                          At least now with the passage of time, it seems pretty funny.

                                          1. For most of my life, I've had dairy goats. However, when I tell people we drink the milk, quite a few of them think it's disgusting. I don't know how many times I have told guests they were getting cow's milk (or it wouldn't be mentioned at all), and no one ever noticed. I think most just felt stupid for making a big deal over not liking goat's milk, only to discover that freshness really makes a big difference.

                                            1. went out for chinese with my cousin once, my brother didn't want to come along, but said to bring him a fortune cookie. Now he and my cuz are very competitive w/ each other, and we had a running card game at this time, in which the lowest score ever was a -8 by my brother. After dinner we sat in my cuz's car and carefully w/ toothpick removed the fortune from the cookie, and replaced it with a slip of paper that said -8 on it. the look on his face was worth all the effort and more.

                                              1. One more semi entertaining story that's not really a food "trick" but close.
                                                Our daughter was one of those vegetarians that would not eat beef, pork, lamb or goat but poultry and fish was ok. I am not quite sure what her motive was but for her it made sense. She's got a heart of gold.
                                                She was home from college so for dinner I bought some hot pork sausage from the Italian specialty store along with some sweet turkey sausage for her. She LOVES spicy food but they don't make spicy turkey sausage.
                                                I grilled the sausage and she made a nice salad for dinner. We served ourselves and sat down in the den to watch our beloved Yankees beat the_____.
                                                She said she loved the turkey sausage, "so juicy!" Her mom said, "these hot sausages are soooooooo spicy."
                                                During a pitcher change she got up for seconds, retuned, sat down ate some more and said, "WOW! Mom you are right, the hot sausages are the best!" At this point I just shut up and nodded my head expecting her mom to do the same, but nooooooooooooooo!! "Those are pork sausages!"
                                                OMG!! I never saw her move so quickly, into the kitchen, swings open the door to the fridge, grabs a huge jar of pickles, pours pickle juice into a glass and drinks it all down!!! WTH!!!
                                                Somehow in her mind pickle juice was an antidote for pork sausage. After all these years I can't get an answer to that question.
                                                She is now a vegan. As I say, the hezbollah of vegetarians. Now I buy vegan chorizo when she visits!!!

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                                                  The pickle juice solution is hilarious. What was she thinking?

                                                2. two stories...
                                                  1) in grade school, we used to have holiday parties where everyone would bring in homemade goodies (cookies, cakes, brownies) and then hand them out. so, i would make brownies, but then for the kids i disliked, i'd cut a little plug out of hte brownie and pack it with salt, pepper, cayenne. the next day, i'd hand the offending brownie out to the desired kid and sit back and watch. pure unadulterated comedy!
                                                  2) in college, we used to love doing prank calls. so one day, i put on my best chinese derivery guy accent (i'm chinese, not that that excuses anything) and told some poor unsuspecting girl who lived in my dorm that i had her peking duck waiting downstairs for her. she said she didn't and i then went into an outrage explaining to her that she did, that this wasn't funny, that i would have to pay for the duck myself and that she was ruining my life. this went on for 10 minutes before the girl burst into tears and finally went downstairs to pay for her $38 peking duck. hearing the girl in tears was terrible and i never made another prank call after that...

                                                  yes, i was a bad person in my youth.

                                                  1. When I was in college, I lived in a suite with five other women. One day, I and one of my roommates' boyfriends baked muffins and put a couple of vitamins in one of them. I have no idea why we did this, but at the time it seemed hilarious. The vitamins were briefly - briefly! - mistaken for walnuts, since they sort of melted into clumps. The woman who ate the adulterated muffin later stole my toothbrush. I'm not sure two incidents are related, but I'm just throwing that out there, 'cause who steals a toothbrush? It's a very strange thing to do.

                                                    1. 2 tricks, one mean, one well-intentioned.
                                                      The mean: When I was a teenager, my mother thought I was lazy (she was probably right), and insisted that I make lunch for one of my brothers every day one summer. I thought this was unfair and got sick of doing it, so one day, after he demanded a BLT, I heated up some butter, fried the lettuce and tomato, and slapped two pieces of folded up raw bacon on the bread with a little mayo. He ate about half of it (the pig!) before complaining that it was too gooey.

                                                      The well-intentioned: I made my children meatloaf cupcakes frosted with blue mashed potatoes as an April Fool's joke. My daughter, who was then about 8, loved it. My son , who was 6, cried. I still feel guilty years later.

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                                                        haha. i don't know why but both of these were reallyfunny to me.

                                                      2. Yeah, Exlax brownies junior year of high school. Took lots of goodies to school for fund raisers, left in classroom during lunch and stolen. Get fed up and made a batch of nasties. Enjoyed watching the results in 6th period. No regrets.

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                                                        1. re: pikawicca

                                                          Serrano brownies for my students. The piggy boys got pay back.

                                                          1. re: pikawicca

                                                            That's one way to flush out the culprits. PTP.

                                                          2. The blue mashed reminds me of the time my wife colored all the dinner foods just for the heck of it. Green mashed potatoes, purple stew, etc. As I recall I didn't mind the potatoes, but neither the kids or I were exactly thrilled with the purple stew.

                                                            1. This thread inspired me to purchase Penn & Teller's "How to Play With Your Food". I bought it for my brother for Christmas 20 years ago and remember we spent a good part of the day laughing and playing. It has games and food related magic tricks.

                                                              1. I had an excess of chicken livers while working the line, so I dredge 'em in flour and deep fry. They look gooood. I put them on the pass through for the staff. In general, everyone hates liver and the plate goes untouched.
                                                                Bartender comes in to work through the backway and spots the plate. "Whats these?" he asks. "Fried chicken for the staff, help yourself." I answer truthfully. He plopped 2 in his mouth, got two steps and gagged, spilling, spitting, coughing the chewed livers from his mouth to the garbage. "What the hell IS this?!" he screamed. The whole kitchen was laughing "Like I said, fried chicken..........livers! HA!"

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                                                                1. re: porker

                                                                  I would have been pleasantly surprised if I expected fried chicken and ended up with fried chicken livers!

                                                                2. Don't know how food-related this is, but my friends and I once emptied out half a bottle of gin and replaced it with water. We then challenged another friend to a drinking contest and gave him half a bottle of vodka (real vodka). After watching him chug most of it down, we then told him it was time to switch bottles.

                                                                  He was not amused.

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                                                                  1. re: Philly Ray

                                                                    Years ago, my brothers used to drink some of the vodka and gin and then replace it with water so my dad wouldn't know....that is, until he made a water and tonic cocktail for a colleague. The colleague also had teenage sons, so he was very gracious about it.

                                                                    1. re: Isolda

                                                                      I'm laughing at this because your dad unknowingly made his colleague quite a refreshing (and inexpensive) drink ... bonus points if it additionally was on the rocks. LOL.

                                                                  2. Sixth Grade (1950's): One of my friends who actually liked onion and garlic would eat chocolates and we would mooch. Occasionally, the chocolate covered a garlic clove or a pearl onion and we spat it out. When I discovered that there was such a thing as white pepper, and that it looked like powdered sugar, I made lemon drop sizzlers and got him back. He was not amused.

                                                                    College (1960's): Scholarship was too small, so I worked in the grad school kitchen when I should have been studying. Placed the remains of a biology dissection of formaldehyde preserved octipus on a nice piece of lettuce among the salad plates. (No one took it, darn!)

                                                                    Grad school (1970's): A slightly pompous roommate reveled in his gourmet fresh brewed coffee, complete with a one cup drip filter gadget that sat over his cup to make his own personal special brew, always accompanied by expressions of delight as he savored his unshared goody. So I put garlic powder in his coffee cup into which he brewed his newest upscale java mocha. The coffee was expensive. The garlic powder was cheap. The look on his face: Priceless!

                                                                    1. In first grade, 1971, a kid chewing gum in class was told to spit it out. Most teachers just said no gum allowed, but this one said he had to because it wasn't fair to chew it in front of the others in the class who had none.

                                                                      Now, I wasn't really much of a gum chewer, not allowed by mom and hadn't really had it much, but I just had to do this test.

                                                                      The next morning, armed with a quarter from my father's dresser, I went to the paper store on the corner by the school and bought 25 pieces of Bazooka bubble gum and then distributed them to all my classmates before the bell.

                                                                      We all chewed, the teacher called out to the first kid she noticed to spit it out. I piped up and said pointed out what she said yesterday and informed her that we all had one and there was one for her if she wanted it. She declined. She let us chew it but changed to a no gum policy and sent a note home to my parents. The grown ups were not amused

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                                                                      1. re: calliope_nh

                                                                        You would have been a hero at my school!

                                                                        I remember that the probably the most horrible teacher in our school was extremely anti-gum. He taugh wood and metal technology and was extremely strict and randomly cruel - he seemed to enjoy making all the students squirm/cry/feel terrible about themselves, even quiet and hardworking (dare I say it - nerdy types. and yes I was one of these!) students who already got enough flack from the school bullies.

                                                                        He was extremely terrifying and he doled out punishments without second thought but somehow it became extremely important to get one over on him. We didn't do anything as awesome as you did (he would never have come out with a sharing rule like that!) but we did regularly sneak gum into class just to secretly spite him. We basically all learnt to hide the gum under our tongues, behind teeth etc. so that we couldn't be caught. Sadly there were casualities, but those of us who got away with it were rewarded with a warm glow and a feeling of solidarity during a horrible class!

                                                                        1. re: Muchlove

                                                                          Years ago,whilst cheffing at a very large and busy restaurant,I had just made some beef stock and was just about to turn it into demi,when I noticed that the fat had,risen to the top of the pail and congealed into a perfect orange disc(it had sat in the walk in overnight).I carefully removed the "circle of fat" and cut a perfect pie shaped piece out of it,garnished it with whipped cream,coulis and fresh berries and put it in the pass.I told the waitstaff that it was pumpkin cheesecake that the sous chef had made.3 of them tried it,one was the manager,and he actually told me that the desert needed more sugar.We were laughing about that for weeks.

                                                                          1. re: Muchlove

                                                                            Muchlove, We had a woodshop teacher like that in junior high. If he caught you chewing gum in class, he'd make you stick it on the end of your nose and keep it there till class was over.

                                                                        2. About a month ago, packed up the wife and mother-in-law and headed out to a mountain resort town for the weekend. My mother-in-law is 83 and is a bit of a sweet/candy fiend. We stoppped in a specialty candy store just for her. I spotted this candy called something like "Super Duper Sour" and bought it. Later in the room, I gave it to her:
                                                                          "Here, Angie, you want a cherry candy?"
                                                                          "Gee, thanks." she said, putting it into her pocket.
                                                                          DANG, I had hoped she would have opened it right there but didn't, so I promptly forgot all about it.
                                                                          We're in the car on the way home the next day. Shes in the back, fumbling with something then all of a sudden, "AAAAARRRRGGGhhhhhhh, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GIVE ME?"
                                                                          I almost lost control laughing so hard and trying to eplain it was a Super Duper Sour candy.

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                                                                          1. re: porker

                                                                            Haha! My grandfather did that with a lemon Atomic Warhead (I think) candy. He always kept a few hard candies in his car after quitting smoking, and I had a few of those in what I thought was "my" cupholder. He opened the window and spit the thing out, and his stream of profanity was quite a work of art.

                                                                            My only intentional trick is actually more of a deception. I use fish sauce in a lot of dishes I serve to family of friends who claim to hate it. Only if I'm certain there are no allergies or anything. But they never know.

                                                                            1. re: porker

                                                                              My sister used to keep a candy dish of those extreme sour balls on her desk when she worked at a bank, back when they first came on the market and most people had never heard of them. She told me about it, and said that nobody ever kept one in their mouth for more than 5 seconds, so of course I insisted that I could handle it.
                                                                              Nope. Barely made it 5 seconds. We did it to friends once or twice and that shocked expression was hilarious.

                                                                            2. A chocolate dipped trimmed brussel sprout wrapped in the pretty coloured foil piece in the centre of the box of chocolates. My Aunt and brother despise the dreaded brussel sprouts and the look on their face was priceless to realize they had bitten in it. They never could resist the pretty foil wrapped chocolate.....

                                                                              1. I haven't but I do have a fun trick story that was played between two family members.

                                                                                My aunts (really family friends) met while in college. They are now SILs but that's another story. Aunt A and B decided that they would not yuck each others yums while living together and would eat what each other liked. Aunt B's little sister found out they both hate sauerkraut so she secretly told both that kraut was the others favorite food. For months they chocked down jars of kraut until finally Aunt A spoke up and said she could take it anymore. She hated kraut and wouldn't eat anymore of it. Aunt B confessed, too.

                                                                                Aunt C (little sister) still laughs hysterically when the story is told.

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                                                                                1. re: MamaCrunch

                                                                                  @MamaCrunch: what an adorable story!

                                                                                2. Not quite a trick, but...

                                                                                  I once worked in an electrician's gang and our "foreman" enjoyed his drink. You could tell when he was hungover as his face was beet red. I was going to the store at lunch and asked if anyone wanted anything. He said yeah, a 2 liter soda.

                                                                                  "What kind?"


                                                                                  So I went out out of my way to get him the most vile generic cola I could find.

                                                                                  Of course he was upset, bordering on angry.

                                                                                  "What the hell is this?"

                                                                                  "Well, you said 'anything'... "

                                                                                  We thought it was pretty funny.

                                                                                  I heard on another job, a foreman asked a worker to get him 3 hot dogs with mustard.

                                                                                  "What kind of mustard?"

                                                                                  "It doesn't matter, any kind of mustard."

                                                                                  So he picks up the dogs, plain, walks across the street to a Chinese restaurant, orders Chinese hot mustard and slathers up the dogs.

                                                                                  The foreman wasn't amused.

                                                                                  1. In college, we had a real mooch as a room mate. If we put an "x" on something in the fridge, that was for private consumption. I was working swing shift at ALPO dog food factory, cleaning the conveyor belt ovens. I scraped off what looked like well done roast beef, wrapped it in Saran Wrap, put a big black "x" on it and put it into the fridge. The next morning it was gone. This guy was really angry that someone would play a trick like that on him. I still have no sympathy.

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                                                                                    1. re: Passadumkeg

                                                                                      My mother did just the opposite to my dad. She made some pecan pralines, which she knew he would eat, for a function of some kind, and stuck them in the freezer with a sticker from the lab where she worked. He just assumed she was storing "work" of some kind (it was in the days before there were a lot of rules about biohazardous material) and didn't go near them. He was used to her bringing home expired blood to pour on the roses as a source of nitrogen--yep, things were very different back then.

                                                                                    2. not my food trick but my American cousin told my English cousin that the pot of yellow stuff on the table was peanut butter and after slathering it on a sandwich was not happy to find it was hot mustard.

                                                                                      But the English cousin got him back some years later, telling my American cousin that he had made him a nice chocolate spread sandwich, a big bite was taken to discover it was Marmite.

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                                                                                      1. re: smartie

                                                                                        I don't really believe this...how did he not smell the mustard, let alone how could he not tell from how it looked? Yellow coloured mustard and peanut butter are freely available in the UK, so it's not like he would never have seen them before.

                                                                                        1. re: Muchlove

                                                                                          oops forgot to say one was about 8 and the other 10 years old!

                                                                                      2. 5th grade; catfood sandwich; sorry now; wouldn't do again.

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                                                                                        1. re: mamachef

                                                                                          6th grade; switched Finament laxative gum w/ Black Jack, gave it to a "slow" kid at the beginning of the school day; sorry now; wouldn't do it again. I fact I'd kill the fucker if it happened my classroom!!!

                                                                                          1. re: Passadumkeg

                                                                                            We once spiked someone's soda with ipecac. We found out later that he had to pull over on the side of the road while driving home because he had to vomit.

                                                                                            We also found out later from my girlfriend's dad (who was an EMT) that an ipecac overdose can cause a heart attack. He was not amused.

                                                                                        2. I was volunteering in my daughter's kindergarten class last April Fool's day and it just happened to be a college student's last day of his practicum with the class. I took a big empty cereal box and weighted it down a little (to make it more realistic) then coated it in icing and wrote a nice saying on it. The poor guy was way too nice and just kept sawing through the cake until it became obvious. He thought it was pretty funny and so did the kids once I revealed the real treat that I had brought them.
                                                                                          We decided to stick the cake in the staff room to see if anyone else would fall for it even though it had already been cut into. Two more teachers went for it!

                                                                                          1. I have always wanted to make caramel onions (think caramel apple) for the kids but have not yet gone to the effort. My mother once made zucchini crisp (think apple crisp) and my big brother loved it and ate two helpings. He was quite annoyed when he found out it was zucchini. My other brother and I once crumbled dry dogfood into our cousins' Grape Nuts cereal when they were visiting.

                                                                                            1. Trader Joe's used to sell dry spaghetti that was about 2 ft long. A strand or two, swirled, made a big forkful. Serving it to people unawares was fun, as they began to twirl 5-6 strands and watched the ball at the end of their fork grow to fist-sized.

                                                                                              I used to be a mail carrier. My parcel hamper once contained a poorly-taped package that was leaking styrofoam pellets that looked just like the white-cheddar cheese curls someone had brought to share a few days earlier, so I put some on a paper plate from the break room and left them on our gluttonous supervisor's desk.

                                                                                              1. it hardly counts as no ne was really fooled but as a kid we used eat soft boiled eggs in egg cups. i would, time and again as only a small child could, eat the egg as carefully s i could, then turn it upside down in the cup so it looked like a whole egg. i would give to my dad, who would "gasp in surprise" every time. it cracked me up, and i, at maybe 6 yrs old, thought i waas really pulling a fast one one him.

                                                                                                a good dad