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Aug 21, 2011 01:25 PM

Have you ever played a food trick on someone?

My older brother, Dummer Keg, is a trickster, since my youth. When I was 25, he killed a rubber tree plant w/ his shots of mescal, while feeding them to me. Damn near killed me. Scroll ahead 35 years. He and better half, came to visit us in Maine 2 years ago. I made a blended cream of asparagus soup for a light supper. In his portion, I mad e cream of asparagus serrano soup. Three of us merrily enjoying our soup and bro sweating, sniffling, hiccupping, etc. By the time he figured it out, we had a good laugh by all. Have you ever pulled a food trick?

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  1. Yes, on a friend who insisted, repeatedly, throughout years of knowing her, that she didn't like "curry". She admitted she had never had curry. She would not listen when I tried to tell her that the word "curry" can mean wildly different dishes in different cuisines etc. So, one day I made myself a Thai green curry with shrimp. She didn't think it was curry and ate it. Loved it. I told her it was curry. She got very angry and refused to ever eat 'curry' again, even the variety she had just said was delicious.

    I understood her being upset at being tricked, I probably would have been, too, but to then cut off her nose to spite her face? Ridic.

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      My story had a happier ending. During my college days, I made a Singaporean chicken curry for a couple of French classmates who'd said that they hated curry (after trying one once in an Indian restaurant somewhere), and served it to them without telling them it's curry. They absolutely LOVED it & totally changed their opinion of curries since. That was perhaps 25 years ago.

      When I visited them at their current home in Toulouse a few years back, I had to lug along almost 2 lbs of Alagappa curry powder, all the way from Singapore :-D

    2. Not since I was 8, and I SAID I'm sorry.

      1. Chocolate covered cottonballs= bon bons for dessert....can't tell until the hardened chocolate melts. I was young. be 35 again.

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          Well, I am 45 but my 17 year old daughter and both think we have to try this one!

        2. My husband and I used to take Thanksgiving dinner out to my parents to cook there. My husband shot a quail. He hid the turkey and put the quail in the roasting pan. He told my dad, "Look at the size of the turkey I got this year, He took off the lid anf there was this tiny little bird. Funny!

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          1. re: marymac

            Should have said: "Dad, look at what happens when the bird isn't sanfordized."

            1. re: beau10

              You have to be "of a certain age" to smile at that one! ; ) and I am!

          2. I didn't pull a trick on my mom - she did it to herself: I brought a sushi platter to our family Christmas dinner, and when she reached for the wasabi, I told her not to eat it, knowing she thought it was guacamole. Even if I could have stopped her (my arms were full) I wouldn't have, because the look on her face, and her tears afterward, were so funny I almost pee'd in my pants. (My mom is a brat, so this made it doubly funny, and I wasn't the only one laughing!)

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              1. re: Passadumkeg

                So did mine...I half heartedly tried to stop her. Its been 20 years, but I can still see her lower palm pressed hard to her forehead, eyes rolling back, and a stifled wail coming out of her throat. Hehe.

              2. re: Claudette

                I've been a party to doing this on purpose, but it was the same place where Thai papaya salad with the nasty little peppers gets passed out to the unsuspecting so you take your chances there.