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Aug 21, 2011 12:38 PM

Help! Quick! Anniversary Dinner tonight!

We are planning to go out WITH our 3 year old somewhere in brooklyn (please- lets not rehash the should they/shouldnt they bring their 3 y.o ).

Where of these places has the best food and is most appropriate for a celebratory family meal?

Bistro 1310

Some other place? Oh.. DH wants fleishig and I am vegetarian (no fish obviously) so somewhere preferably with good salads...


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  1. It's a bit late now, but Pardes definitely caters to vegetarians. You will not leave hungry. Some of its biggest fans I know are vegetarians. I don't know about the kid situation, though; it's not a large space, and can be a bit crowded.

    I've never been to the other two, but I would imagine that Bistro 1310 especially would be used to dealing with children, because it's that kind of neighbourhood. And I've heard good things about their food, but know nothing specific about how much they have for vegetarians.

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    1. re: zsero

      We ended up going to Bistro 1310... Beautiful ambience, but was not impressed with food. Mostly very unseasoned.

      1. re: marissaj

        Marrisaj, go to Pardes with your three-year-old. If you wish to make certain that you can relax and enjoy your meal , book an early Sunday meal seated in the patio area. The patio is charming and if you go on the early side, say 5ish, the child will have space to be a child while you and your husband enjoy the food. Better yet, consult ahead with them about the best time of day to arrive for family seating on the patio and let them know that you are vegetarian.

        1. re: AdinaA

          tnx adina! Was disappointed at bistro 1310 last night. My (30th!!!) bday this weekend though, so booked for pardes. Thank you for the heads up on patio seating- had no idea they had a patio.
          DH cant wait to try the chicken n waffles....