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Where to buy: Tart Rings/Cake rings in in Calgary/Edmonton/Red Deer

Wondering if anyone knows where to get tart rings - the type that are bottomless. Not looking for an online source. I already tried Sunworks Home & Garden in Red Deer.

Thanks All

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  1. Pastry equipment is like lingerie, even if you do find something decent in Calgary it will be extremely overpriced. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) a trip to France is necessary.

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      Oh, I figured they wouldn't be cheap :) While a trip to France would be fantastic I was hoping my quest wouldn't involve airfare.

    2. It may be worth checking the restaurant supply stores, including the Chinese one on Centre St N. I found mine on the cheap in a kitchen supply store in Hong Kong, so maybe the Chinese supplier in Calgary would have them as well.

      1. hi maple;
        if you decide to give up and go online may I suggest Goldas Kitchen in Mississauga? I went there on a trip to Ontario recently and they have everything! I've placed an online order since I returned and had great service. Yes, the shipping is a little high, but when you can't find what you want sometimes you have to just bite the bullet I guess. Either that or I would hit kijiji and look for bakery sales. I got some really nice large loaf pans that way from a bakery that was going out of business. Good Luck!

        1. Thanks for the suggestions all. I'll hit that Chinese store by Mykonos and if I strike out there I'll check out kijiji and Golda's.

          1. I thought Hendrix on 42 ave SE had some last time I was there. But a couple of years ago and maybe taller than what you're looking for. If you do go online try http://www.creativecookware.com/cooki... Free shipping for orders over $60.

            1. In Edmonton you could check with Bosch, Hendrix or Call the Kettle Black.
              Would the Cookbook Company in Calgary have any?

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                I've never seen them in Cookbook Co. In fact I don't remember seeing cake/tart pans there except for Emile Henri. I follow Tartelette's blog, and a lot of her recipes call for tart rings... and I can see why since it's a frightening exercise (under my breath "pleasedontbreakpleasedontbreak" as I whack it on the counter) to get a chocolate tart like: http://www.tarteletteblog.com/2009/09... out of a traditional tartlet pan.

                ETA: If you're wondering the tarts were fantastic...but the stress of hoping they came out without breaking isn't something I want to repeat.

              2. just out of curiosity, why no online sources?

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                  In part because I'd like to find a local source for baking tools and - this is the Prairie Provinces board... mail order queries are supposed to be posted on General Topics.

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                    fair enough, that being said I always bought cake rings from Golda's Kitchen (great prices and no cross-border monkey business) and tart rings from JB Prince (very good service and they're used to shipping to Canada).
                    happy baking!

                2. You could try Michael's, they have a bunch of baking supplies. I got the muffin tin rated most highly by Cooks Illustrated there. There are always online coupons for Michael's too. Got mine at 40% off.

                  One caution, if someone is looking for pans, is that the last time I was there it looked like they were switching to Duff pans. I don't know if those are any good.

                  1. Another place to find bakeware which I thought was kinda odd was Winners. The other day I saw all these bread pans, tart pans, muffin pans, cake pans, ... all at Winners.

                    Evidently they're not one to carry the same stock all the time, but at least it's worth checking out. The prices were quite decent too. Cheaper than the William Sonoma in Chinook (which if you haven't gone you can try there too...but be aware of paying the price) .

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                      Yes! Winners and Home Sense. They get the same or similar stock usually. That's where I bought my Le Creuset oven at discount. Different locations usually have different stock too.