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Aug 21, 2011 09:46 AM

Traditional dishes for each day of the week in Rome?

Hi everyone,
I've read that Rome has a traditional dish for each day of the week, but I have been unable to find a listing of these dishes. I do know that Thursday is traditionally the day for eating gnocchi. Can anyone help me locate the rest?
Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Here is the Roman menu prepared by traditional and ancient Trattorie actually named  Buiaccari:
    Monday Bollito (main course based on meat)
    Tuesday Polpette (meatballs usually cooked with tomato sauce)
    Wednesday Coda e Frattaglie (special part of beef used to prepare pasta)
    Thursday Gnocchi 
    Friday Fish usually Spaghetti con le Vongole or dish based on Baccala (Codfish) or Pasta e Ceci (pasta with chickpeas and rosemary)
    Saturday Trippa!!!
    Nowadays it is not so easy to find an authentic Buiaccaro...

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      Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for! :)

      Any suggestions for trippa on Saturday? I'll be staying in Trastevere and would love to give it a shot at a nearby restaurant.

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        Not in Trastevere area but easy to reach with a nice stroll there are Armando al Pantheon, Sora Margherita, Tonino ai Banchi Vecchi or Settimio al Pellegrino (here is a great post about Settimio by E. Minchilli http://www.elizabethminchilliinrome.c...). All these places should have trippa! 
        Also traditional Roman Trattorie in the near Testaccio area can be a good option. You can find a lot of posts in this board about it.
        However in my opinion it could be a better experience to go in the characteristic Garbatella area for example at Tanto pe' Magna (B metro stop).
        Enjoy trippa!!!

        Sora Margherita
        Piazza della Cinque Scole, 30, Rome, Lazio 00100, IT

        Settimio al Pellegrino
        via del Pellegrino,117, Rome, Lazio , IT