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Aug 21, 2011 09:32 AM

Lobster Bisque?

I just returned from a vacation in Cape Cod, and I couldn't get enough Lobster bisque while I was there! Is there anywhere in Montreal that has good lobster bisque? If not at a restaurant, can I find it in a can?

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  1. Not sure if it's still on the menu but CCeP used to serve up a slayin' bisque... really rich and thick.

    I've also seen it at Joe Beef and Les 400 Coups.

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      I had it as a starter at La Salle a Manger about a month ago. Very good, also very rich. Don't know if it would still be on the menu or if it was a special that day.

    2. Le Pecheur Du Marche (3464 Sources Blvd) in the West Island usually Lobster Bisque for takeout available. Although not my thing, those around me love it. Just phone ahead if you're going just for that. I like many of their soups, chowder and fish & chips of course!